Achiever Bespoke CRM Software Overview

CRM SoftwareInteractive Software Limited offers flexible, customised corporate information management and relationship management solutions that are tailored to your individual business requirements. Whether you need to manage complex relationships with your customers, partners and stakeholders or have sophisticated business processes that are adaptable based on team or data, Interactive Software’s delivery team can help you to create the solution best suited to your needs. Unlike other bespoke applications that can only be enhanced and developed by the original developers, Interactive Software solutions are designed and built using a comprehensive suite of configuration tools including screen, menu, list and workflow builders, that can be fully utilised by you to extend the system as your requirements evolve. In addition, initial system templates have been designed to help you to define your system. These include Stakeholder Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Service Management and Delivery. Interactive Software has extensive experience of implementing custom CRM software across a continuum of industry sectors including IT, Service Management, Telecoms, Manufacturing and Local Government, Not for Profit. CRM Software