Achiever CRM

crmInteractive Software offers flexible, robust and scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions that are tailored to suit your individual business needs.  Achiever CRM’s sophisticated customisation toolkit allows the software to be adapted to your requirements allowing you to continue to work in the way that suits you and without compromising your competitive advantage ie your individual business processes and acumen.

Account and Contact Management–  Capture and profile customers, prospects, suppliers and partners.  Define hierarchies to identify corporate structures and ascertain potential cross and up selling opportunities.  Store preferences, interests and purchase history whilst ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act.

Activity Management and Customer Engagement – Track all interaction and customer engagments including appointments, emails, correspondence and events attended.  Record attendees, documentation and expenses against each action.  Set reminders and drive processes such as the creation of follow ups based on the result of the previous activity.  View and maintain individual and group schedulers using the drag and drop calendar functionality.

Campaigns and Promotions – Plan and execute marketing activity and events.  Define the target audience excluding those who have requested to opt out and send personalised marketing messages.  Track and manage budgets and costs and measure return on investment and cost per lead.

Enquiry and Pipeline Management – Capture multi-channel enquiries and progress through the sales pipeline to completion of order.  Set target by product, salesperson, team and/or region and monitor progress.  Assign forecast information against each enquiry including forecast value, expected close date and probability to generate pipeline reports. Set pricing structures and discounts by product and customer.

Customer Services – Manage and progress all incoming issues, complaints and general feedback from your customers, partners and suppliers.  Implement Service Level Agreements (SLA) to ensure all requests are promptly managed and in accordance with customer commitments.  Handle all incoming queries in a consistent manner and highlight any non conformance.

Reporting and Analysis – Generate listings and graphical reports to analyse business information and monitor key performance indicators (KPI) and trends.