CRM for Public Sector Overview

publicsectorimageIn the Public Sector the pressure to improve efficiency and performance whilst providing an enhanced and increased portfolio of services is driven from both its customers and its regulators.  It is a constant juggling act to provide quality services on a reduced budget and with limited resources.

Add to this, the recent security and data protection issues, the Public Sector constantly finds itself under the microscope with calls for greater visibility and transparency.

Achiever CRM for Public Sector supports Public Sector organisations aim of improving service provision whilst eliminating unnecessary overheads .  Designed in conjunction with leading authorities Achiever CRM for Public Sector empowers customer facing staff with intelligent businessprocess automation enabling organisations to become more efficient and increasing productivity with the same or often reduced overheads.

Interactive Software solutions for Public Sector include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Public Sector
  • Contact Centre Management
  • Shared Services Management
  • Blue Badge Application Software
  • NI14 (Avoidable Contact) Management Applications
  • Estates Management Solutions