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Achiever Stakeholder Management System (ASMS)

Interactive Software’s ASMS provides cost effective services which are focused around providing the best possible return for our clients investment.

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With ASMS your organisation will be able to:

  • Proactively manage the stakeholder journey
  • Map complex relationships
  • Have one view of stakeholders across the organisation
  • Analyse the stakeholder participation
  • Utilise ASMS’s unique role based functionality to ensure that a stakeholder only exists once on the database
  • Ensure all interactions are captured including telephone calls, emails, documents and self-service activity
  • Ensure events are well attended with feedback to inform future activity

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Implementing ASMS allows your organisation to streamline processes leading to:

  • Improved transparancy of information across the organisation
  • Improved stakeholder retention rates
  • Improved quality of communication with all stakeholders
  • Improved products and services offered to stakeholders
  • Increased number of stakeholders
  • Improved event attendance rates
  • Increased customer satisfaction rates
  • Reduced costs

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Interactive Software offers a range of implementation services and approaches to help your organisation start reaping the benefits of ASMS as quickly as possible:

Fast Track – Get your ASMS system up and running and start measuring return on investment in 30 days.

Enterprise – Customise your system to your business requirements whilst still gaining rapid return on investment with our 90 day implementation plan.

Corporate – Enhanced customisation of your system to create a solution uniquely tailored to your business.

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Stakeholder Profiling

Achiever Stakeholder Management Solution (ASMS) provides a central ‘repository’ for all contact information; this may be entered manually into the system or come via 3rd party data sources such as bought in data, the website, event attendees and incumbent applications.

A Stakeholder Matrix can be developed where Contacts can have multiple contact information that may depend upon their main employment, title, membership etc. and have different relationships based on which role they are adopting.

Stakeholder Profiling is maximised as there is no limit to the information you can capture against each stakeholder including areas of interest, memberships, subscriptions, roles, addresses, social networking links and preferences etc.

Stakeholder Relationships can be defined and influences are understood through a simple, graphical view of relationships between stakeholders which enables Stakeholder Matrices to be developed.
Stakeholders are classified into defined groups for targeting communications including Stakeholder Newsletters, Stakeholder Event invites, Stakeholder Briefings and any other interactions. Understand your stakeholder community in more detail by defining the types of stakeholders you deal with and analyse comparative levels of activity with each group. Prioritise Stakeholder Importance and use this to drive Communication Plans.

Understand your stakeholders better by recording user-defined Areas of Interest. These can be updated automatically based on information in the system, for example, an associated Contact Group, attendance at an event or involvement in a committee or project; alternatively they can be updated based on acquired information or stakeholders updating information on the website or via a Self-service portal. This can be used to develop Personalised Communications and aid in Stakeholder Event Management.

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Activity & Communication

Manage and track all interaction and communication against each stakeholder to provide focused, targeted communication whilst complying with data protection legislation.

Maximise Stakeholder Engagement by generating Target Audiences based on profile information and use this information to send out personalised communications. Track costs, response rates and effectiveness to inform future activity and spend.

Managing Stakeholder Communication is a key priority. Know what is being communicated by managing all correspondence sent and received against each stakeholder along with a detailed Stakeholder Interaction history including all appointments and telephone calls for a complete consolidated overview.
Manage Stakeholder Interactions through the provision of a graphical, drag and drop group scheduler view of all users’ diaries which tracks internal activity and enables the viewing of specific teams’ diaries at a glance.
Maximise response levels by generating targeted contact lists for focused marketing communications using combinations of criteria. Reduce administration and comply with legislation by automatically excluding those opted out and contacted recently. Manage subscriptions including Stakeholder Newsletters and publications directly through ASMS.
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Event Management

Manage your Stakeholder Events more efficiently by defining, executing and tracking all events complete with a breakdown of costs, details of venues and target audience information.

Improve event management and planning by viewing forthcoming events at a glance using the graphical events scheduler. Filter events to show those of a specific type, with a specific description or those due to start within a selected date range. Drill down from the calendar to view the event in more detail.
Reduce Administration and make sure your events run as smoothly as possible by managing Stakeholder Attendee Lists against each event including automatically sending relevant correspondence such as joining instructions and updating delegate status including those attended, not attended, cancelled and not interested.

Be Compliant. ASMS has in-built Data Protection options automatically recording opt out dates and the ability to automatically exclude those opted out stakeholders from receiving any communication.

ASMS can be used to ensure Stakeholder Confidentiality by ring fencing contacts if they have been supplied externally and they do not wish to be contacted by any partners that you work with.

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Reporting & Analysis

Measure your organisation’s effectiveness with regard to Stakeholder Management through real-time dashboards. A suite of Standard Reports is provided to assist in analysing Stakeholder Retention, communication activity, event success and Stakeholder Attraction.

ASMS uses the industry standard reporting tool that is shipped with Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Reporting Services. This tool enables both graphical and listing reports to be generated and output in a variety of formats including print to screen, CSV, XML, PDF, TIFF and Excel. Parameters are defined against each report that allow users to filter the report to display selected information.
ASMS’s inbuilt query management tool enables authorised users to generate filters to segment, market and analyse data that can then be exported to Microsoft Excel as required.
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Scalability & Security

The Achiever Stakeholder Management Solution (ASMS) has been designed to evolve as your business requirements develop whilst its flexible, enhanced functionality allows the system to be extended across multiple departments and locations. Sophisticated data security filters ensure only authorised users are able to view sensitive information.

Improve event management and planning by viewing forthcoming events at a glance using the graphical events scheduler. Filter events to show those of a specific type, with a specific description or those due to start within a selected date range. Drill down from the calendar to view the event in more detail.

Be Secure. ASMS’s sophisticated security options allow organisations to protect stakeholder confidentiality including data security filters, and role permissions to restrict reports, workflows and menus

ASMS enables organisations to store private stakeholders and use the in-built data security filters to restrict access to detailed information to authorised users only.

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Business Process Management

Reduce administration and make sure that critical tasks get done. ASMS’s in-built workflow functionality automates repetitive tasks and makes sure that alerts and notifications are generated when deadlines are due and/or have been missed.

In-built wizards guide users through pre-defined processes such as setting up a new stakeholder record, inviting a stakeholder to an event, setting up a communications activity etc. Security roles and profiles ensure only those authorised users have access to run selected workflows.

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Achiever Stakeholder Management System (ASMS) uses Open Standards to service orientated architecture to streamline sharing of information to and from external applications such as Microsoft Outlook, the Website and existing systems.

The Achiever Microsoft Outlook Connector enables users to interface directly with Microsoft Outlook for inbound email as well as calendar activities. Users can create personalised emails from within ASMS using pre-defined HTML templates; a copy of the email sent is saved in the database and linked against the relevant stakeholder record.

Any inbound emails can be linked to the stakeholder record in ASMS from Microsoft Outlook using the Achiever Microsoft Outlook Connector. A copy of the email is stored in the database so you don’t need to worry about emails being deleted in Microsoft Outlook, a copy will still be held and visible by authorised team members in ASMS.

Share information with your existing website such as automatically sending through contact details submitted in a ‘Contact Us’ form to ASMS or publishing event information from ASMS to the website using the ASMS API. Alternatively utilise a Stakeholder Portal for stakeholders to update their information directly including personal details, preferences, subscriptions and event attendance.

ASMS enables organisations to store private stakeholders and use the in-built data security filters to restrict access to detailed information to authorised users only.

ASMS has been designed to share information two ways, where appropriate, using the ASMS API. This can be configured to customer specific requirements.

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