Functionality Overview

Effective stakeholder management enables an organisation to achieve its strategic objectives by interpretingand influencing both the external and internal environments.  It creates positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives.

The Achiever Stakeholder Management Solution (ASMS) is an easy to use but sophisticated relationship based solution supporting both organisational and individual stakeholder information and enabling users to record different stakeholders and their associated role and profile information.

The core Stakeholder Solution ensures you are able to manage the complete customer journey from initialstakeholder definition, through to stakeholder profiling and stakeholder engagementincluding comprehensive event/committee and project management.  Comprehensive reporting means you always have a real-time view of Stakeholder activity.  The Achiever Stakeholder solution encompasses richStakeholder CRM functionality acting as a tool to develop Stakeholder Communications Plans, enhanceStakeholder Relationships and manage Stakeholder Expectations and Stakeholder Conflict.

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Optional Stakeholder Management extensions take the solution even further including Stakeholder Self-service, click through email tracking, event waiting list management and room and resource management.

Objective How is this Achieved in ASMS
Stakeholder Identification Identify interested parties either internal or external to organisation/project.
Stakeholder Analysis Recognise and acknowledge needs, concerns, wants, common relationships and interfaces.
Stakeholder Matrix Position stakeholders according to the level of influence, impact or enhancement.
Stakeholder Engagement Agree a set of values and principles – not project specific but the process of getting to know and understand each other.
Communicating Information Agree expectations for the manner in which communications are managed – who, what, when and how – including security protocols. 

ASMS has been designed to support all elements of the Stakeholder Engagement and Management process: