ASMS Implementation Overview

Interactive Software’s ASMS provides cost effective services which are focused around providing the best possible return for our clients investment.

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Implementation Approach

With over 19 years’ experience of implementing business critical and relationship management solutions Interactive Software’s experienced delivery team offers a range of approaches and services to ensure a smooth implementation and rapid return on investment.

Implement your Achiever Stakeholder system within 30 days and start using the comprehensive functionality available in the standard solution.

Following a project kick-off meeting, Interactive Software’s team of experienced trainers will use a Knowledge Transfer approach to guide your key project team through the core system capabilities and provide tools and materials to help your project team train the rest of your users.

Your nominated System Administrators are provided with System Administration Level One training to allow new users and minor modifications to be made to the searches, users, profiles, security options and picklists.

Implement your Achiever Stakeholder System with some customisation to meet your individual business requirements within 90 days and start gaining rapid return on investment with Interactive Software’s Enterprise Implementation Approach. Following a project kick-off meeting, your nominated project team will receive system familiarisation sessions to guide them through the core capabilities of the Achiever Stakeholder Management solution.

A detailed Gap Analysis process follows to determine the modifications required within the system to meet your specific business needs with a Gap Analysis document created that is agreed and signed by all parties. Customisation is then carried out on the system and the user acceptance testing (UAT) process invoked with assistance provided by Interactive Software’s project team during this time.

Upon successful completion of the UAT process customised Train the Trainer training sessions are held for the nominated trainer and/or project team which provide tools and materials for the delivery of internal training sessions to the rest of team. Your nominated System Administrators are provided with System Administration Level One training to allow new users and minor modifications to be made to the searches, users, profiles, security options and picklists.

Interactive Software’s Corporate Implementation Approach applies a four stage process to project delivery offering customers complete customisation of the Achiever Stakeholder Solution to meet the business needs. This approach takes between 6 – 12 months depending on the level of customisation required.

The process starts with an Initiation stage which covers a Project Kick-Off and the creation of a Terms of Reference document that is agreed and signed by all parties to outline the scope of the project.

A Design stage is then invoked which includes a thorough Gap Analysis process the output of which is the Gap Analysis document. Detailed discussions are held on integration requirements, data take-on and reporting requirements.

Following the sign-off of the Gap Analysis document the Build stage commences which includes the system build, the creation of a testing and training plan, the creation of customised test scripts and the user acceptance testing (UAT) process.

Upon successful completion of the UAT the Go Live stage commences covering the delivery of customised training, the software installation, set up of any integration routines and data import and the go live handholding assistance.

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Services Offered

Interactive Software offers a range of services to its customers relating to its Achiever product range. These may take place on customer site or at Interactive Software’s premises as required.

A dedicated, experienced, PRINCE2 qualified project manager works closely with each customer to help manage the project from start to completion.  Project management services include:

  • Introduction of the Achiever implementation approach and methodology to project team.
  • Working with the customer’s project team to create and deliver the project plan and the communication plan.
  • Liaising with the customer’s nominated project manager and team to communicate the project plan.
  • Managing the risk log.
  • Holding regular project management meetings internally and externally to ensure all parties involved are aware of roles and responsibilities.
  • Ensuring agendas are available for each meeting.
  • Ensuring the appropriate approvals and sign-offs are in place prior to progressing to the next stage of the implementation.
  • Ensure the close project and 3 month project review meetings are held to carry out a review of the project and undertake a lessons learned exercise.

A dedicated, experienced Business Analyst works closely with each customer’s project team to understand their requirements for the new Achiever Stakeholder System. Depending on the implementation approach taken different business analysis activities take place. Business analysis work can include:

  • Holding workshops with the customer’s project team to review business objectives, critical success factors and system acceptance criteria. 
  • Producing a Terms of Reference (ToR) document to outline scope and key project objectives.
  • Holding a gap analysis review with the customer’s project team to identify gaps in the standard Achiever Stakeholder Management System (ASMS) with the customer’s requirements.
  • Production of a Gap Analysis/System Requirements document detailing the configuration work required to complete the system.
  • Working with the customer and where required 3rd party suppliers to identify and document any integration work required with existing business applications.
  • Working with the customer and where required 3rd party suppliers to identify and produce a data migration plan for data import into the Achiever Stakeholder Management System.
  • Holding workshops with the customer to identify and document any new bespoke system requirements not part of the standard application.
  • Holding workshops to mock-up and document any reporting requirements.
  • Presenting software demonstrations of the solution as the system is being configured and when completed.

The system configuration team is responsible for ensuring the system is built in line with the agreed Gap Analysis/System Requirements document. Not all implementations require system configuration tasks to be completed, however, if required, system configuration tasks can include:

  • Adding the initial users, profile and roles to the system.
  • Configuring the system screens and search listings in line with the outlined requirements.
  • Setting up system security and user permissions.
  • Creating and implementing business processes and workflows.
  • Creating the data import routines.
  • Defining and building the data integration routines.

A dedicated, experienced Technical Consultant is allocated to each customer to help ensure the appropriate software, hardware and general infrastructure is in place to support the Achiever Stakeholder Management System when hosting the solution on-premise. System installation and environment assessment work includes:

  • Carrying out a technical requirements review with the customer’s internal IT team.
  • Creating a technical requirements recommendation document based on the customer’s individual requirements.
  • Installing a Test/Training, Development and Live system on the customer’s servers.
  • Setting up any integration routines as directed by the configuration team.
  • Applying indexes and reviewing system performance on installation to check system efficiency.
  • Liaising with customers on any changes to infrastructure set up or software patches used.

Systems Development

As the author of the solution Interactive Software offers bespoke system development where functionality that is not part of the current system can be implemented to meet customer requirements.

A dedicated, experienced, PRINCE2 qualified project manager works closely with each customer to help manage the project from start to completion.  Project management services include:

Interactive Software offers a range of training courses designed to transfer knowledge to the customer’s project team, nominated system administrators and end users. Customised and standard courses are available to guide users on all core aspects of the Achiever solution and advanced courses are available to teach authorised users the system administration tools that will allow them to maintain and customise the system.

Reports specified as part of the Business Analysis process can either be created by the customer or Interactive Software’s system configuration team. Reports are generated using Microsoft Reporting Services reports. Where a data warehouse may be being used to produce reports, Interactive Software’s team can generate export routines to pass the appropriate data to the data warehouse system as required.

A dedicated account manager is allocated to each customer’s account. As part of Interactive Software’s commitment to its partnership approach regular account management visits are held to review each customer’s current status and identify any potential new requirements.

As part of Interactive Software’s standard support agreement helpdesk services are provided which include:

  • Recording of all issues reported.
  • Prioritising all issues in line with the agreed Service Level Agreement and allocating to the relevant personnel, as required, for resolution.
  • Diagnosis of issue.
  • Regular communication to the customer on issue progress.
  • Application of any patches and upgrades required to fix issues or provide new functionality to the customer.

The Customer Care Plan provides enhanced application support for those customers wishes to develop their system further themselves to ensure their system continues to evolve as their business requirements develop.

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Customer Care Plan

Customer care is our way of attaining a real and sustained improvement in our relations with existing and potential customers and in our response to customers’ needs before, during and after implementation.

It is our aim that customers are not only satisfied with what we ultimately deliver but also with our performance during the entire delivery cycle. By listening to our customers and understanding their business, their drivers and their own customers’ needs, we seek innovative approaches to help meet those needs and improve the project delivery process. We strive to make the excellence of our customer care one of the major factors that distinguishes us.

The Customer Care Plan is designed to bring to the customer a comprehensive set of offerings that assist with day-to-day issues, periodic activities and planning, long term strategic planning as well as protection of the customer’s original investment through continuous improvement. This ensures that the system continues to support your business as it develops through process improvements, structural changes and changes caused by market forces and legislation.

The Customer Care Plan ensures you always have access to a team of experts with years of experience with our products, coupled with familiarity with your environment and the specifics of your implementation.

Interactive Software recognises that its customers all have varying degrees of support requirements due to such things as internal skill sets and complexity of solution, and indeed that these change during system lifetime.

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Measure Return on Investment

Interactive Software understands that before any investment in software is made the business value and benefits from the planned purchase need to be identified and agreed. The selected software needs to provide you with the appropriate tools to measure those benefits and ensure that your organisation keeps improving and evolving as stakeholder requirements and legislative and environmental factors change.

The Achiever Stakeholder Management Solution (ASMS) offers standard ROI analysis within the system to allow you to effectively measure stakeholder retention, new opportunities and interest.

A suite of standard reports within ASMS allows you to confidently monitor and measure tangible benefits including:

  • Stakeholder Atrraction and Retention – to monitor those stakeholders opting out of services against the numbers of new stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Event Attendance Analysis – for the effective measurement of event interest, take up and attendance
  • Stakeholder Subscription/Publication Analysis – to track those stakeholders subscribing to existing and new publications, monitoring future interest and analysing those opting out
  • Stakeholder Communication Analysis – to assess the level and types of communication being sent to stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Type Analysis – to analyse stakeholder organisations by industry sectors and roles

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