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Interactive Software Blog - Sample Management and CRM Insights

Welcome to the Interactive Software Blogs & Insights Page

We help you streamline your laboratory management and sample tracking procedures, improve your student recruitment processes and increase efficiency in your training operations. Our sample management and CRM insights and blogs include detailed tutorials, opinions, white papers and educational pieces from our experienced team, customers and industry experts.

What a difference a day makes – the challenges of a University Open-Day Event Manager

Never has the competition amongst the UK’s leading Universities been so tough. The ripples of recent political decisions have been felt by everyone. ...

Advantages of CRM in Biobanking and Sample Management software

Traditionally, Laboratory Information Management systems (LIMS), Biobanking software and Sample Management solutions have been perceived as complicated, functional applications. These data-driven systems have ...

Next Generation Biobanks – Integrating Sample and Clinical Data

When the term ‘Next Generation Biobanking’ was introduced a couple of years ago, it underlined the importance of storing clinical data, such as ...

How unbiased is your clinical research? – Benefits of Sample Management Software in Research Sample Selection

One of the quickest benefits of Sample Management software in research sample selection occurred when one of our consultants asked a lab manager: ...

Not just a number – The importance of sample identification

Whether you are storing biological samples for short or longer periods of time, and even if they are being shipped out to long-term ...

Using encryption to secure your data

  Never has the security of your information been more critical or apparent.  Your business needs accurate information to thrive and grow. Technology ...