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Data Protection, Encryption and Security for Compliance

Implementing software that delivers data protection, encryption and security for compliance whilst ensuring your users still have access to the information they need to do their job effectively can be tricky to manage.

Achiever’s unique multi-layered permissions system puts you in control of deciding which users have access to perform specific functions and what data is available to them. What’s more, Achiever’s inbuilt searching and query tools automatically honour any data security rules defined.

Data Protection, Encryption and Security for Compliance

Unprecedented data encryption within the database, ensures only authorised users within the Achiever system can see the data if they have the appropriate permissions. This means that identifiable data, such as a person’s date of birth, or sensitive commercial data is protected from your end users and internal or external IT teams who have access to the backend database.

If legislation or your business requirements change, no need to worry. These permissions are manageable and maintainable by you. Point-and-click tools allow your nominated superusers to not only choose which access-levels users have, but also to redefine and add new permissions and access levels.

And for project and study level permissions, these are manageable by individuals managing the project or study, such as Principal Investigators, Custodians, Customer Service Managers and Project Managers. With the ability to add/remove team members, allocate roles and assign access to encrypted data for records related to their project or study, your users can respond quickly to new business requirements whilst maintaining compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and without having to call on your busy IT team.

User access to the system is controlled via Achiever's secure user name and password system which integrates with your internal user verification applications (including LDAP and Active Directory) for enhanced security that can be managed easily through one system.