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Attract, retain and support your students to help them reach their potential

You want to stand out from the crowd. And to do this you need to be agile and adapt quickly in an ever changing landscape. But how can you do this with increasing competition, your budgets being constantly revised and technology significantly influencing the way in which we all communicate and access information? Our Achiever CRM for Universities software gives you the tools to help you know your students – and focus on what they are looking for.

Firstly, you need to really know your students – and be able to speak directly to them.Achiever CRM for Education

There may be many touch-points across your university where students are talking and engaging with you. Knowing – and more importantly- using this data to create a complete picture enables you to get a real-insight on what’s important to them, what they have in common and how they like to communicate. You can then use this information to attract them – and others like them. And critically – do this in line with GDPR and data protection regulations.

Benefits of Achiever CRM for Universities software

Consistent quality experience

Consistent quality experience

  • Enhancing your student journey from recruitment through to retention using standardised workflows that guide and prompt your users.
  • Improving the quality of your communications by maintaining a strong brand identity.
  • Personalising your student experience by consolidating and sharing data across teams.

Right message right time

Right message right time

  • Adhering to compliance with communication tools that exclude students who have opted out and avoid bombarding students with too many messages.
  • Focusing your communication using student interests, preferences and previous activities.
  • Maximising opportunities to engage with your student through automated communications.

Learning, adapting and focusing

Learning, adapting and focusing

  • Knowing – not guessing – which of your marketing activities have the most impact through interactive, real-time dashboards that bring together data to help you see trends.
  • Making your budgets go further by targeting communications and focusing audiences.
  • Improving your responsiveness with tools to change workflows, communications and data.

What Our Customers Say

Achiever CRM software for Universities is fundamental in managing our relationships with prospective students – it is our only system for doing so. The capability, adaptability and usability of the software means that we can deliver core business functions out of the box, and the team at Interactive Software are always ready to be challenged to improve and enhance the core product.- Richard Noon, University of Huddersfield
We’ve only just started using the Achiever CRM dashboards and already we are saving at least 3 hours a week just in our report production! We are so impressed that we can create dashboards to provide analysis at all levels for our team to use, from our Directors through to staff on the front-line. And they can drill into the data set – even individual records – to see more details. - Richard Noon, University of Huddersfield
We now have the ability to run personalised, multi-channel and multi-tiered campaigns, both online and offline. We have live campaign tracking and joined-up reporting, with full drill down functionality and the ability to analyse across the full early admissions exercise cycle, giving us deep insights into the performance of our student recruitment campaigns.- Pete Lumb, CRM Officer, University of Central Lancashire
Interactive Software Limited have proven to be a very responsive supplier who really understands the unique dynamics of the HE sector and student recruitment marketing. We have worked in partnership with their experienced project team to deliver phase 1 of the solution in 6 weeks.- Sarah Banton-Place, Huddersfield University
The Achiever CRM for Universities platform provides the ability to interrogate a single, “true source” of student data and drill right down to individual student level.- Sarah Banton-Place, Huddersfield University

Take a look at some of the features

Profiling your students

Get to know your students’ preferences, interests, previous interactions, qualifications and what’s important to them – and comply with GDPR.

Managing and responding to enquiries

First impressions count. Standard enquiry workflows make sure you consistently capture all enquiries – and follow them up.

Tracking all interactions

See who else has been speaking with your enquirers and create a joined up, personalised experience across all your teams.

Tracking applications

Manage your applicant process from initial application through to review and approvals.

Interactive dashboards and reports

Real-time, graphical views of your data so you can quickly see any issues, progress and your current state of play.

Fulfilling literature requests

Turnaround your literature requests quickly – whether it’s a branded email with links to your online prospectus or a hard-copy.

Targeting your communications

Use our query and communication tools to narrow-down your target audience for your campaigns and send your messages at the right time.

Carrying out your open days and events

Set up your events to be self service all the way – from online event and session bookings to check-in. And automated accompanying emails.

Working with schools, agents and business

Help build your relationships with partner organisations to help increase student numbers and expand your commercial opportunities.

Bulk data load and integration

Import CSV or Excel files using saved field mappings and matching rules. Receive data from student information systems and your website.

Achiever CRM for Universities software built on a solid platform

Access anywhere

Choose the right option for you. Achiever CRM for Universities HTML5-compliant, web browser-based software gives you the freedom to access the system in the cloud, on-premise via a local server or from a remote site.

Secure yet accessible

Grant access through single sign-on and use permissions at role and user levels to control access to functionality, workflows and data. Sensitive information can be encrypted for maximum protection and opt-outs honoured for GDPR compliance.

Configurable and scalable

With our ‘point-and-click’ configuration options you can add new fields, change captions, update lookup lists, add users, configure workflows – and much more – without code. And you can automatically send email alerts based on your rules.

See how Achiever CRM for Universities can help enhance your student journey