Achiever LIMS’ configurable workflows and connectivity supports the diverse requirements of agricultural laboratories

Achiever LIMS for Agriculture provides full CRM functionality to manage your client and supplier relationships combined with comprehensive laboratory informatics so you can track and process samples in accordance with your SOPs and standards.

Improving data quality, lab efficiency and productivity to help you identify new technologies that underpin food production, security, and sustainability

The world’s population is rising dramatically, and it needs food to sustain it. Growers are under increased pressure to meet these demands. In addition, growers face further challenges such as climate change, environmental pressures, sustainability, and diseases.

Climate change means growers must ensure crops not only survive but thrive despite extremes of weather and mounting pests and diseases. New legislation and environmental pressures mean growers must manage their crops without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Plus, they need to achieve all these with reduced resources and using methods that are environmentally, as well as commercially, sustainable.

Agricultural laboratories play a critical role identifying new technologies and practices that improve crop production and are healthier for people, the planet, and the growers.

Agricultural laboratories handle a wide range of samples including seed, soil, crop, feed, and pesticides. Each following specific workflows and procedures when handling, processing, analysing, storing, and moving. In addition, adhering to regulatory requirements for quality, safety, and traceability is essential.

How Achiever LIMS supports agricultural laboratories

Achiever LIMS for Agriculture securely centralises and standardises your data and workflows to improve data quality, increase process efficiency and meet regulatory compliance.

Offering a unique combination of LIMS and CRM functionality, you can configure Achiever LIMS for Agriculture to meet diverse and complex workflow and data requirements using its low-code, no-code configuration tools and Laboratory Execution System (LES).

The LIMS’ Laboratory Execution System (LES) guides laboratorians step-by-step through your SOPs and processes to ensure consistency, reproducibility, and compliance.  The low code, no code, configurable LES enables you to design and adapt workflows to meet your unique study protocols as well as your lab processes and needs.

Achiever LIMS for Agriculture has everything you need for efficient sample and lab management and traceability. Giving you the ability to track every stage of your samples’ lifecycle from initial sample receipt through to destruction. Whether you’re handling a single sample or processing large batches of samples. Achiever LIMS for Agriculture delivers flexible, scalable processes for

  • managing and tracking clients and suppliers
  • accessioning samples
  • moving and storing samples
  • creating sample aliquots and derivatives
  • defining and managing tests and analyses
  • recording results and connecting with instruments
  • generating labels
  • managing quality control and auditing
  • dispatching and shipping samples
  • generating reports
  • managing oversight using interactive dashboards.
Crop Sciences

Crop Sciences

Conduct diverse analyses across various sample types, environments and media using configurable metadata, workflows and connectivity with instruments

Seed and Plant Research

Seed and Plant Research

Define studies and monitor research progress with complete traceability of every sample from collection, storage, processing through to dispatch or disposal

Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis

Consistently process and analyse soil, water and environmental samples using Achiever LIMS’ Laboratory Execution System (LES) and improve data accuracy by connecting to your instruments

Compliance and Governance

Compliance and Governance

Proactively monitor data quality and compliance through the LIMS’ audit management tools and oversight dashboards while tracking non-compliance using its CAPA and incident management tools

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