Achiever Medical LIMS for Biobanking makes it easier for researchers to find you, work with you and keep coming back!

To stand out from the crowd your Biobank needs to be responsive, adaptable and easy to work with. Your LIMS system should be the same

Unlock your samples

With inventory management, online sample request portals and automatic publishing of sample holding data to the UKCRC Tissue Directory

Insight into samples needed

Through prospective sample requests, comprehensive sample searches and dashboards showing trends and the most popular requests

Drive prompt turnaround

Using consistent fulfilment processes, automated notifications for new requests, issue tracking and dashboards to monitor progress and timings

What is Achiever Medical LIMS for Biobanking?

As a Biobank or biorepository you want to offer your customers high quality biological samples. You need software in your lab that supports you as you provision, store, track, analyse, request, retrieve and dispatch your tissue samples. You’ve got to work to your standard operating procedures as well as within any consent boundaries. Plus, you may also have to comply with legislation including the Human Tissue Act (HTA). This is where Achiever Medical Biobanking software can help.

Achiever Sample Tracking Software Functions Tree

Achiever Medical is a cloud-based LIMS system for Biobanks that we designed with Biobanks and biorepositories. So, it does what you need ‘out-of-the-box’ including:

  • pre-built workflows to help you work within your process guidelines for consistency
  • full traceability and auditing to meet compliance and quality control
  • security to protect personal identifiable information (PII)
  • tools so you can easily extend and configure Achiever Medical Biobanking software as your Biobanking operations expand
  • a cloud-based LIMS easily deployed across multiple locations.

 “Achiever Medical makes it easier for us to operate our Biobank. We are constantly looking to optimise and improve the way we work. Our Biobank has grown considerably, and our Achiever Medical software continues to grow with us.”

Biobank software that helps raise the profile of your Biobank

Also Achiever Medical is the only Biobanking system that sends your data automatically to the UKCRC Online Tissue Directory. So, you can save weeks in administration time while regularly submitting your sample holdings data to the directory. This helps raise the profile of your Biobank or biorepository to subsequently increase your sample turnaround.

Take a look at some of Achiever Medical’s biobank features

Receipt Samples

Generate Barcodes

Dispatch Samples

Store Samples

Profile Donors

Audit and Compliance

Process Samples

Request Samples

Reports and Dashboards

So it’s not just about samples

Unlike traditional LIMS and sample tracking software, Achiever Medical Biobanking software has comprehensive donor profiling and management including the ability to capture disease episode data. As a result researchers can really home in on the samples they need – quickly and easily.

“Being able to create very specific and nuanced queries in Achiever Medical saves me so much time on a daily basis. I know if a researcher asks for 200 breast samples from patients within different positive and/or negative parameters I can quickly and easily run a query in Achiever Medical to find them.”

Improving tissue sample visibility and access for researchers

Achiever Medical Biobanking software also has an online Researcher Portal. Researchers can use this to securely search your tissue Biobank to:

  • request individual samples
  • make prospective sample requests
  • track sample request progress
  • raise any queries or questions
  • acknowledge sample receipt
  • and finally, if required, return sample.

And, above all, you’re in complete control of what samples are visible and available for requests.

Plus, our Biobanking software comes with a range of customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, so you can manage and track all your interactions with your researchers and your other contacts. This includes being able to send targeted email communications as well as seeing what samples they have requested and how often. You can then analyse this data to predict and plan for possible future tissue sample demand. So, you’re improving your customers’ experience meaning they’ll be more likely to work with you again as well as recommend you to others.

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