Achiever Medical Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Achiever Medical LIMS helps you to get the most from your precious resources. More than sample management, Achiever Medical LIMS works with your lab team to ‘Make Every Sample Matter’.

Underpinning your critical lab processes, it instils good research practice and consistency across your products, processes and services. While its sample and clinical data management tools enhance and improve your data integrity and quality. Achiever Medical completely transforms your lab, making it easier to find the samples you need – when you need them.

Plus, you don’t have to wait years before you can start using the software. With our Achiever Essentials package you’ll be up-and-running in weeks.

Researcher scanning barcode into LIMS

How does Achiever Medical LIMS help your lab?

Achiever Medical is a web based laboratory information management system. It’s trusted by Biobanks, pharma, research labs and biorepositories to manage, analyse and process laboratory data accurately and securely. It helps instil good laboratory practice and automates your lab workflows to increase efficiency and productivity.

Achiever Medical gives you traceability for compliance and quality assurance. Its comprehensive sample management functionality tracks and audits every step; from initial sample receipt through to destruction. While researchers can easily access and home in on the samples they need using detailed sample and donor profile data.

All of this is managed in line with consent and data protection restrictions – and you’re in control of access.

How does it help your lab with compliance?

Achiever Medical LIMS helps you meet regulatory compliance including CFR 21 part 11, MHRA and the Human Tissue Act (HTA).

Compliance is all about quality. Achiever Medical gives you quality control measures helping improve the products and services you provide. It helps improve your data quality with data management, validation and formatting.

In addition, its workflows guide you through your processes and prompt you to enter data. So, you’re accurately and consistently capturing the right data at the right time in your lab workflow.

It also integrates with other applications such as instruments to capture test results data. Plus, it can link to your electronic laboratory notebook. You’re improving the quality of your data by reducing the risk of transcription and manual data entry errors.

How has Achiever Medical already helped labs and Biobanks?

“We have more confidence in our data and what we are delivering with Achiever Medical. …The system has allowed us to standardise data as it is entered and make sure critical data is entered at the right point in the process”
University of Liverpool

Why is Achiever Medical different to other LIMS systems?

All laboratory information management systems give you sample tracking functionality. However, Achiever Medical LIMS also gives you unparalleled functionality in:


Share study data across teams. Manage sample requests from internal and external researchers.


Unrivalled configuration to update and create new fields, tables, workflows and security filters

Audit Trail

Automatic auditing of data changes and sample movement. Plus, tools to manage internal audits.


Multi-layered security at user, role, project and study level. Also, field level at-rest encryption


Manage and query disease profiles, treatment, diagnosis, consent and donor lifestyle data


Use graphical tools to analyse and interact with data within data permission and encryption rules.

Achiever Medical core sample management functionality and workflows

Achiever Medical already has your critical lab workflows and sample tracking processes built-in. Its core LIMS functionality and workflows include everything you need for sample and lab management:

  • Checking in samples
  • Checking out samples
  • Aliquoting samples
  • Creating sample derivatives
  • Creating Tissue Microarrays
  • Managing informed consent (which also includes withdrawals)
  • Requesting samples (which also includes an approvals process and online Researcher portal)
  • Dispatching and shipping samples
Laboratory Information Management System Freezer Management

In addition, each process is automatically audited by Achiever Medical to indicate who, when, what and why. So, many of your compliance headaches are reduced! Achiever Medical has an Auditing and Quality Assurance module where you can carry out internal auditing and quality management activities.

However, if it doesn’t quite do things how you want then use its simple configuration tools to change it.

Also, Achiever Medical comes with predefined, fully integrated, real-time dashboards. So, you can start measuring your return on investment (ROI) as well as highlighting areas for improvement.

Achiever Medical LIMS Sample Management Dashboard

Benefits and advantages of Achiever Medical

Improve data quality

Effectively manage your tissue samples through every stage of their lifecycle. Data management, processes and validation improve quality and data integrity

Increase compliance

Automatically audits data entry, updates and process stage completion. Handle samples in line with consent opt-ins and manage consent withdrawals

Improve accessibility

Web-based system available in the cloud or on premise. Security levels and data encryption protect PII. Secure portals available for external access

How does Achiever Medical LIMS software improve the way your lab operates?

Achiever Medical gives you all the benefits and advantages that you’d expect from modern, configurable laboratory information management software. In addition to sample tracking, it also helps Biobanks, pharma, research labs and biorepositories to:

  • improve compliance while reducing admin overheads
  • eliminate paper-based systems which as a result leads to efficiency gains, increased productivity and consistency
  • increase accuracy and data quality through validation tools
  • introduce quality control measures to improve overall quality
  • increase visibility of information while still protecting personal identifiable information (PII)
  • save costs as a result of automation and using dashboards to deliver insight
  • reduce costs because of using a single LIMS solution to manage the requirements of multiple teams and departments

Above all, Achiever Medical LIMS continues to deliver return on investment. Our flexible configuration tools, optional modules and new developments help you to manage new requirements and changes.

“Achiever Medical is completely changing the way we handle samples – in a good way. It’s going to make everything much easier, save us time and we’ll be so much more productive.” – Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Unlocking your valuable data to ‘Make Every Sample Matter’

LIMS Freezer Storage

In a busy lab it can be difficult keeping track of everything coming in and going out. This is especially true if you don’t have any laboratory information management software.

You could be buying samples that you’ve already got somewhere in your freezers. This is a double expense. Not only have you paid for samples you don’t need – you’re also paying to store samples that you could have used. Also, the longer samples sit in storage the greater the risk of them losing viability – or getting lost under the ice.

That’s why our laboratory information management system doesn’t just capture data – it makes it easier for you to use it. Achiever Medical’s search tools and interactive dashboards help you find what you’re looking for quickly as well as highlight potential issues.

Also, Achiever Medical LIMS integration capabilities allow you to import/export data from other lab applications. This includes rack and plate scanners and lab instruments. In addition, it can link to electronic healthcare records systems and e-consent software for patient profiling.

Collaboration in scientific research

In research you’re not alone. Collaboration is critical – whether this includes running studies involving multiple disciplines or making specific samples in your collection available for loan. It might also include working with customers and suppliers.

Lab Information Management System

With Achiever Medical, you can safely share information across teams, disciplines and even with external researchers. You’re also in control of what information you share with who and you can manage this at study and sample level.

If you’re a UK Biobank or biorepository you can easily send your sample holdings data to the UKCRC Tissue Directory (UKCRCTD). Our laboratory information software’s link with the online Tissue Directory allows you to choose which samples you want to send. Plus, you can choose how often you want to send them.

What’s more its dynamic translation tool maps your terminology to that required by the UKCRCTD. So, you don’t have to change the way you work or spend time fiddling with your data.

As a result you’re making the most of all your valuable resources – your team, data and tissue samples.

LIMS for small laboratories and large-scale labs

With its out-of-the-box functionality, flexibility and modules Achiever Medical supports the requirements of laboratories large and small. As a large-scale lab you can even start small with just one team. Then, you can roll the system out to rest of your teams when you’re ready. Also you can configure Achiever Medical to meet the different sample and lab management requirements across the teams.

Unlock the value in your lab with Achiever Medical LIMS today