Achiever Medical Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) system unlocking the power of your data

Your research hinges on the quality of your information. Achiever Medical Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) brings together your sample and clinical data and presents it to you so you can easily search, analyse and use it. All this while protecting personal identifiable information (PII) and in line with consent opt-in options.

“We have more confidence in our data and what we are delivering with Achiever Medical. …The system has allowed us to standardise data as it is entered and make sure critical data is entered at the right point in the process” UK University Biobank

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Researcher scanning barcode

Improve data quality

Record, track and audit your biological specimens through every stage of their lifecycle. With data entry, process and validation to improve accuracy

Increase compliance

Automatically audits data entry, updates and process stage completion. Handle samples in line with consent opt-ins and manage consent withdrawals

Improve accessibility

Web-based system available in the cloud or on premise. Security levels and data encryption protect PII. Secure portals available for external access

What is the Achiever Medical Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) system?

Achiever Medical is a web-based LIMS system available in the cloud or on premise. Trusted by Biobanks, pharma, research labs and biorepositories to manage every step of their biological samples’ lifecycle accurately and securely. From initial sample receipt through to storage, shipping or destruction, Achiever Medical LIMS gives you full traceability of every action performed on each sample.

Plus, it also improves the quality of your data and allows you to introduce quality control measures including data validation, formatting tools and prompts. So, you are accurately and consistently capturing the right data at the right point in your process.

Achiever Medical LIMS already has your critical workflows built-in. These include:

  • Checking in samples
  • Checking out samples
  • Aliquoting samples
  • Creating sample derivatives
  • Creating Tissue Microarrays
  • Managing informed consent (which also includes withdrawals)
  • Requesting samples (which also includes an approvals process and online Researcher portal)
  • Dispatching and shipping samples


Achiever Software Storage Set Up

In addition, each process is automatically audited by Achiever Medical to indicate who, when, what and why. So, many of your compliance headaches are reduced! And Achiever Medical has an optional Auditing and Quality Assurance module so you to carry out your own internal auditing activities.

However, if Achiever Medical LIMS doesn’t quite do things how you need it to work then its comprehensive, yet easy to use, configuration tools allow you to change what you need.

Also, Achiever Medical comes with pre-defined, fully integrated dashboards, allowing you to start measuring return on investment (ROI).

Achiever Software Sample Activity Dashboard

Why is Achiever Medical different to other LIMS systems?

However, it’s how it manages these 3 key areas that make it stand head and shoulders above other laboratory information management and sample tracking systems:


Unrivalled configuration to update and create new fields, tables, workflows and security filters


Multi-layered security at user, role, project and study level. Also, field level at-rest encryption

Disease profiling

Capture, search and analyse comprehensive disease profile and event data against donors

Benefits and advantages of Achiever Medical laboratory information management software

Achiever Medical LIMS helps Biobanks, pharma, research labs and biorepositories to:

  • improve compliance while reducing admin overheads
  • eliminate paper-based systems which as a result leads to efficiency gains, increased productivity and consistency
  • increase accuracy and data quality through validation tools
  • introduce quality control measures to improve overall quality
  • increase visibility of information while still protecting personal identifiable information (PII)
  • save costs as a result of automation and using dashboards to deliver insight
  • reduce costs because of using a single LIMS system to manage the requirements of multiple teams and departments

Above all, Achiever Medical LIMS continues to deliver return on investment by using our flexible configuration tools, optional modules and new developments to meet new requirements and changes.

“Achiever Medical is completely changing the way we handle samples – in a good way. It’s going to make everything much easier, save us time and we’ll be so much more productive.” – Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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