Advantages and benefits of a LIMS

Are you drowning in paperwork or spending hours adding data on to spreadsheets? Do you struggle to find your samples and have no idea what’s in your freezers? Are you worried about compliance and if everyone’s following protocol? A laboratory information management system (LIMS) can address these as well as bring many other benefits and advantages to transform your lab.

It helps you with sample tracking and data validation. It also automates your lab workflows and helps you meet regulatory compliance. Your lab could see a significant increase in efficiency and productivity as well as improved quality.

Laboratories, Biobanks and biorepositories store, process and generate large amounts of data. As your data grows you need systems to help you track your tissue samples efficiently and accurately. Enter Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

The role of a LIMS is to help drive your lab processes, instil consistency, improve data quality and support regulatory compliance. One of the main advantages of a LIMS is the optimisation of your laboratory operations resulting in increased efficiency.

You don’t run your Biobank and lab in the same way as your competitors. This is what gives you your competitive edge. Similarly with software, not all lab management systems are the same. As a result, each system will bring different benefits and advantages.

What are the key advantages of a laboratory information management system (LIMS)?

Some of the key benefits and advantages offered by a laboratory information system include:

  1. process standardisation to make sure you’re consistently following your procedures
  2. reducing human error often resulting from manual data entry by using systems integration and data validation
  3. supporting your regulatory compliance requirements by including a comprehensive audit trail
  4. providing full tracking and traceability of information, such as tracking samples through every step of their lifecycle
  5. simplifying data entry
  6. improving quality and introducing quality control measures
  7. improving accessibility of information through searching, reporting and analyses
  8. increasing security of information through controlled access

It is also important to remember that how you implement the solution will impact the benefits you gain. For example, the cost of the software implementation will affect overall value and benefits. Discover more about identifying what your lab needs to help choose a LIMS.

cloud-based LIMS and BIMS

Advantages of a cloud-based LIMS

The technology that underpins the system also has quite a significant impact on the advantages it can offer.

You can often implement cloud-based lab management systems cheaper than on-premise or client-server systems. This is because you don’t need all the hardware or even IT resource in place to support the application. Many of the cloud-based systems are designed to be used ‘as-is’, so you don’t need a lot of service days, such as training or configuration, to start using the system.

For many smaller scale labs and Biobanks this is an important advantage. However, there are also downsides to cloud-based LIMS including data ownership and the ability for you to make changes.

Advantages of configurable laboratory information management software

The way you operate your lab or Biobank is unique. So, it stands to reason that you should configure the LIMS to support the way you work?

If your processes are inefficient, then adding them ‘as-is’ into a lab management system won’t magically improve them. You’ve just automated or standardised inefficient processes. You should work on optimising them before adding them into a system.

However, one of the main advantages of these laboratory information management systems is if you want to capture specific data or manage optimised lab processes. It also means that you can introduce changes and improvements into your LIMS easily and whenever you want.

The main benefits of a configurable LIMS system include:

  1. efficiency – You map your processes and laboratory workflows in the LIMS system exactly how you need them. This means they’re optimised for how you work, and your team requires less training
  2. rapid returns – Being able to introduce improvements and changes when you need them so you can start benefiting from them quickly
  3. reduced costs – With simple configuration tools you can make changes yourself which results in lower cost of ownership
  4. future-proof – System longevity because you can change the system as you grow and evolve
  5. optimised resources – One centralised system that supports many teams which they can configure to meet their needs. As a result, you reduce IT and resource costs

Benefits of Achiever Medical Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

For almost 20 years, Biobanks, pharma and labs have trusted the Achiever Medical LIMS solution to underpin their lab operations and effectively manage and protect laboratory data.

Achiever Medical gives you all the advantages of sample tracking software and a web-based, configurable laboratory information management system. It’s also designed for easy and quick deployment – within weeks not years. This allows you to take advantage of its inbuilt processes while using its unique configuration tools to optimise the system. Plus, our implementation packages make sure you get the right level of support and training.

Achiever Medical is a modern LIMS that’s available as an on-premise or cloud-based deployment. So, you can choose the option that’s best for you.

Along with the functions and advantages in lab management software and sample tracking systems, Achiever Medical LIMS’ key features also include:

Achiever Sample Tracking Software Functions Tree

  • donor management (including consent management)
  • disease profiling
  • sample management and tracking (including generation of barcode labels)
  • sample profiling including storing test results
  • diagnosis and treatment tracking (including ICD and SNOMED codes)
  • customer relationship management
  • clinical trials planning and management
  • integrated, real-time, graphical dashboards that enable you to generate reports
  • training and qualifications tracking
  • internal auditing and quality control and assurance. These can help your lab meet regulatory compliance such as the Human Tissue Act (HTA), ISO 17025 and CFR 21 Part 11.

and more …

So, with Achiever Medical LIMS you get all the advantages of configurable, cloud-based lab information systems – plus so much more!

Ready to start thinking about choosing a LIMS?

Want your lab to start gaining the benefits from a LIMS? Find out more about choosing a system and how Achiever Medical can improve your lab’s efficiency, productivity and help you comply.

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