Achiever LIMS – delivering more than sample management

Highly-functional lab information management software doesn’t have to be difficult to use. Achiever LIMS strikes that delicate balance between functionality and usability. Whether you’re a lab professional working with samples, a lab manager overseeing quality or compliance officer instilling protocols, Achiever LIMS’ functionality gives you what you need to run your lab effectively and efficiently.

That’s why it’s successfully used by labs of all sizes and complexities.

Achiever LIMS functionality and features

Achiever Medical LIMS functionality

Achiever LIMS’ functionality includes everything you need to run your lab efficiently. From initial clinical study set up to real-time dashboards for oversight and monitoring lab performance – and everything in between.

What’s more, the system’s configuration tools and modules enable you to adapt and extend the system whenever you need.

Achiever LIMS is the digital backbone in your lab; transforming the way your lab operates by connecting people, systems and data.

Managing projects and studies

Choose how to manage your sample collections, who can see what and what they can do with your samples.

Setting up storage, racks and containers

Whatever size or type of storage you have you can set up and track what’s coming in and out – and it’s all audited.

Managing patient informed consent

Knowing what you can do with your samples helps you meet your legal obligations.  If someone withdraws – the LIMS helps manage that too.

Processing samples

Use our standard workflows to create sample aliquots, derivatives and tissue microarrays and manage analyses, results and experiments.

Creating and scanning barcodes

Generate 1D or 2D barcodes and QR codes for samples and containers. Find and update samples with hand-held and rack scanners.

Secure online researcher portal

Allow researchers to search for and request samples available for loan, make prospective applications and see if their requests are approved.

Interactive dashboards and reports

Real-time, graphical views of your data so you can quickly see any issues, progress and your current state of play.

Execution System / Visual Process Designer

Map processes into the LIMS and track steps completed within each workflow for quality, auditing and consistency.

Planning and tracking clinical trials

Plan your visits, timepoints and schedules, target participants and make sure the samples you should have are the ones you actually have.

Profiling patients including medical history

There’s more to a sample than just its type and container. Patient data helps you to target your research and adds value to your samples.

Profiling samples including family history

Know what your sample is, who did what to it and when, and where it is. And if it’s been aliquoted, see all its children, grand-children and so on.

Requesting and dispatching samples

Make your samples securely available to others – inside and outside your lab. Approve or reject requests and track any samples sent out.

CRM functionality

Know your customers, partners and suppliers better – who you are working with, who you are meeting, when, and what you’re doing next.

Inventory and consumable management

Manage stock levels, validate consumables and track batch numbers and expiry dates.

Auditing and quality assurance

See who updated records, completed a key step in a process or amended an important field. Carry out audits on samples and locations.

Bulk data load and integration

Import CSV or Excel files using saved field mappings and matching rules. Send data to instruments and systems like the UKCRC Tissue Directory.

About the Achiever LIMS platform

Access anywhere

Choose the right option for you. Achiever LIMS modern, web browser-based laboratory information management software gives you the freedom to access the system in private cloud , public cloud or on-premises.

Secure yet accessible

Grant access through single sign-on and use permissions at role, project and user levels to control access to LIMS functionality, workflows and data. Personally identifiable information (PII)  is encrypted for maximum protection.

Configurable and scalable

Achiever LIMS low code, no code configuration tools and Laboratory Execution System (LES) enable you to configure new forms and fields, manage metadata, configure workflows and automatically send email alerts.

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