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Knowledge is power - our training packages put your team in the driving seat

Training packages designed for optimum benefit and for you to take ownership of your system

Whether you want tailored-made training or off-the-shelf courses, our knowledgeable trainers deliver hands-on, practical sessions to fully equip your team

From initial end user training with step-by-step instructions for completing key processes through to detailed configuration and administration training – whatever your training need, we have a training package to fit.

Familiarisation breeds content

We do not believe in re-inventing the wheel.

Every customer begins their Achiever journey with our System Familiarisation course. During these training sessions you will gain hands-on experience about the standard Achiever product and its core concepts and capabilities.

Whether you are going to use the ‘out-of-the-box’ system, or plan to configure it to meet a specific need, this training introduces you to the best-practice in-built processes. Armed with this knowledge you and your team can ensure you gain maximum benefit from the system from day one.

If the Achiever product is being configured to your requirements, this training course can ensure you focus on the critical gaps in the system. Determining what the gaps are between the standard product and what your ultimate objectives are for the system will help to define your Achiever journey. In addition, this allows our team to work with you to plan your system’s evolution.

You can do this, safe in the knowledge that the software is already successfully taking care of those other processes as standard. This approach not only helps you take advantage of best-practice but maximises your budget and your team’s time.


A fundamental component of the delivery of an Achiever configured system is the testing. This is not just testing to see if everything works but also to check that your critical success factors and objectives have been met.

Our training packages have been designed to not only deliver sessions on how to use the software, but also help you test it.

Based on our decades of testing experience, we offer sessions on how to get the most out of your testing. These sessions cover defining test plans, creating test scripts, sharing best practice and common ‘gotchas’ as well as collating and reporting issues.

Putting you in the driving seat

A successful business is always striving for continuous improvement. In order to achieve this, you may want to change your working practices or introduce completely new teams and processes.

Your software needs to be able to adapt with you.

Unlike other software suppliers (and although we love working with our customers), we do not want them to return to us for every change they want to make in the software.

That is why our training packages are designed to allow our customers to take ownership of their system and make changes when they need to.

Our range of System Administration courses, available to your super-users and more technical users, arms your team with the tools and knowledge they need to be able to evolve the system for you.

The different levels of Administration training can determine just how much of that evolution you want to handle yourselves, or how much you want to leave to us to manage for you. In all cases, we will be on hand to assist you with managing change, issue resolution and general maintenance questions, so all eventualities are covered.

Speak to one of our experts to find out how you can start transforming your business with Achiever