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Achiever Medical Laboratory Sample Management Software

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Interactive Software’s Achiever Medical Laboratory Sample Management software

Simplify your lab processes and securely manage your biological samples throughout their life-cycle.

Achiever Medical is a dynamic, modern, intuitive laboratory information and sample tracking application trusted by leading researchers and scientists for their daily sample management operations.
Achiever Medical is suitable for laboratories, pharmaceutical organisations and biobanks of all sizes.

Built for data security, compliance and process efficiency

Achiever Medical offers integrated, best-practice sample management processes that can be easily customised by your team to meet your standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Interactive, real-time dashboards enable your lab managers, HTA license holders, Principal Investigators and Security Officers, to monitor progress and address issues.

Unique data security options and profiling capabilities protect sensitive information and processes.

Complete visibility of where all your samples are - and where they have been

Comprehensive sample storage management capability means your team know where your valuable biological specimens are located.

Quick, simple searches allow your users to find samples that are currently being used in research, analysed, processed or prepared for dispatch.

Advanced auditing and chain of custody tracking capabilities display all activities carried out with each sample and any associated samples such as any aliquots or derivatives that have been created.

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Achiever Medical Solutions

Sample Management software for pharmaceutical laboratories

An innovative, compliant and secure laboratory and sample management system successfully delivering extensive process improvement and research collaboration capabilities for both discovery and clinical trials teams whilst protecting sensitive information.

Sample Management software for academic and scientific research

Dynamic and easy to use laboratory and sample processing management software for academic and scientific research with comprehensive study, clinical trial and project management capabilities for planning, traceability and reconciliations.

Sample Management software for Biobanks and biorepositories

Intuitive, modern sample tracking software that automatically captures auditing information for compliance at every stage of your biological samples’ journey throughout their life-cycle from initial sample accessioning through to destruction.