Achiever Medical lab software instils good research protocols to transform the way your lab operates

Your research and processes are complex, but that doesn’t mean your supporting lab information management software has to be complicated. Achiever Medical software takes care of repetitive and admin tasks, automatically audits updates and guides you through your workflows to embed efficiency, consistency, validation, compliance and quality in your lab.

“We passed our HTA in 2013 and 2017 and it was commented in the report that the system enables good practice for tissue tracking….”  – Chris Chambers, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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Laboratory Compliance and Quality

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Know what samples you have, where they came from, where they are now, what you can do with them and what’s already been done to them

Whether you’re a Biobank, research lab or pharmaceutical organisation, just having this information at your fingertips can make a huge difference to your research and what you do for your customers. Also, if you are the Human Tissue Act licence holder or Designated Individual you can sleep a bit easier at night knowing that you are on your way to complying with the Human Tissue Act (HTA). Our laboratory sample management software, Achiever Medical, gives you this and more.

And it’s not just for tracking human biological samples.

We’ve taken care of some of the thinking for you

Some of the UK (and world’s) leading laboratories and Biobanks trust us to keep track of their samples and donors. Working with them, we created standard workflows, functionality and dashboards to support them in what they do daily.

Whether you are receiving, aliquoting, storing, dispatching or disposing of samples our workflows guide you through each process. You are prompted for key information along the way while Achiever Medical is automatically storing that important audit data in the background for you.

Not only will everyone be consistently following the same processes, but the quality of your data will also improve. And it’s all about the data. With better data you can be more focused, accurate and confident in your research and/or your services.

Achiever Laboratory Sample Management Software Processes Tree
Achiever Laboratory Sample Management Software Tree

More than a laboratory sample tracking and management system

Achiever Medical gives you so much more than sample tracking software and laboratory information management functionality as standard.

We know that to really understand and get the most from your samples you need to know about the donors. But we also know that some of this information is highly sensitive. That’s why Achiever Medical allows you to enter and use donor profile information while protecting patient identifiable data.

And when working with customers and suppliers, holding this information separately from your samples can mean it is difficult to keep track of where your samples came from and where they have gone. In Achiever Medical, you can hold this information together.

“What else have you done that we haven’t thought about yet!” – Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

You can start using your data – not just recording it

Our interactive, real-time dashboards shed a new light on your data. And are just a click away!

Knowing exactly how long it took you to process and store a sample can help you see where you can speed up the time taken. But more than this, it can help you see whether that sample, and any results that could be obtained from it, are still valid.

If you are a Biobank, seeing the samples you have in storage and how long they have been there may help you plan for what extra space you need. Or you can see what samples are not being used and why, so you can then advertise these more or stock up on the more popular samples.

Achiever Software Sample Activity Dashboard
Achiever Software Sample Activity Dashboard
Achiever Software Auditing and QA Module
Achiever Software Auditing and QA Module

Why pay for what you don’t need?

We’ve got many of your essential workflows and reports covered in Achiever Medical’s standard sample tracking and laboratory information management functionality. And for those with advanced or specialist needs we created our enhanced modules. You can add them at any time.

Compliance made easier

We love an acronym! GDPR, HTA, MHRA, CFR21 Part 11 are just some of them.  Achiever Software can help you comply with legislative and industry-standard accreditation including the Caldicott Principles and ISBER. With many compliance requirements included as standard and configuration tools to change the software to work to your processes, we can help you achieve and exceed your quality standards. Read more about the ‘Benefits of Laboratory Compliance’ and how Achiever can help you achieve these.

As for us, Interactive Software is Cyber Essentials and ISO 9001 accredited.

cyber-essentials      UKAS ISO-9001

Achiever Software Oversight Officer Dashboard
Achiever Software Oversight Officer Dashboard

Benefits of Achiever Medical laboratory sample management software

Enforcing standards

Enforcing standards

  • Improving consistency using standard and configurable workflows to guide users.
  • Enhancing quality with data validation and prompts for key information.
  • Driving efficiency by adhering to your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Helping you comply

Helping you comply

  • Improving quality with comprehensive consent, auditing and tracking capability.
  • Increasing security with data encryption and permissions.
  • Supporting quality improvements with alerts to highlight non-compliance.

Enabling you to grow

Enabling you to grow

  • Inspiring decision-making by identifying trends and delivering real-time insights.
  • Highlighting efficiency gains by monitoring productivity.
  • Capitalising on your resources to achieve more without increasing overheads.

What our customers say about Achiever laboratory sample management software

We passed our HTA in 2013 and 2017 and it was commented in the report that the system enables good practice for tissue tracking.- Chris Chambers, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Engagement with Interactive Software Limited has been fantastic. They really understand our operational and strategic goals and are focused on delivering a successful project.- Cambridge University Hospitals
Finding it hard to make any recommendations for improvements.- HTA Auditor, August 2016 during our customer's audit
Which problems have you solved that we haven’t yet thought about?- Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
The system does more than we imagined. We are really happy with the product capability and professional implementation approach.- Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
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