You’re in safe hands with our proven LIMS and CRM implementation approach and professional services

Whether you’re an expert at implementing LIMS and CRM systems or it’s your first time we’re on hand to help get you up and running quickly. So, you start getting the most from your Achiever system within weeks.

Working as an extension of your team we focus on understanding how you work, your challenges and your goals to deliver a solution that meets your needs.

Our professional services give you what you need to use, analyse and configure your Achiever LIMS and CRM systems so you continue to gain benefits for years to come.

Implementing Achiever LIMS and CRM using our tried and trusted approach

We know that choosing the right software for your business can be difficult and confusing – especially when you’re looking to implement business critical software like a LIMS or CRM. You can spend a lot of time, resources and money in finding, validating and shortlisting suppliers. Even when you’ve chosen your LIMS or CRM system, implementing it can seem daunting and often lead to cultural, as well as process, changes.

Your business may be complex but that doesn’t mean that your software has to be complicated. We’re business and technology specialists who relish a challenge. Operating as an extension of your team we want to know exactly how you work (not how you think you might) and what’s important to you so we can shape your Achiever LIMS or CRM software so it works for you. What’s more, we want you to see measurable return on investment benefits within weeks not years.

We’ve designed our professional services to deliver successful projects consistently; from project management and consultancy through to supporting your team as part of ‘business as usual’. Using our proven implementation approaches we guide you every step of the way to project success and beyond.

Choose the option that works for you with our implementation packages

Your business is unique, and our Achiever LIMS and CRM implementation approach and service packages allow you to choose the best option for you. You can choose to use the system straightaway with Achiever Essentials; extending the system once you are familiar with it and have decided what changes you actually need.  Or if you want to make a few changes to the software to meet your individual data, workflow or compliance needs before you start, use our Achiever Plus approach.

Like your business, the software you use to support it should never stand still. Our project approach and services are designed to support your initial go-live and any future enhancements you need to take your business to the next level.

Achiever Essentials – everything to get up and running

Everything you need to get you up and running with Achiever Software in weeks with the ‘out-of-the-box’ product, end-user training and go-live onsite help

Achiever Plus – take a solid foundation and build on it

With Achiever Plus you start with the 'out of the box' Achiever Software capabilities and focus only on closing any gaps to get the 'best of both worlds'

Getting you up and running and keeping you ahead with our professional services

When you implement business critical software like Achiever LIMS or CRM systems you should be confident using the system. Plus, you also want to make sure it keeps performing for you day after day. Our training and support services help you get the most from your Achiever LIMS or CRM system – not just until you go live – but for years to come.

If you make changes to your processes or want to involve new teams, use our expert knowledge and consultancy skills to help you work out how to include these in your Achiever LIMS or CRM system.

We’re on-hand to give you real-world advice and guidance, no matter where you are in your software journey. We enjoy sharing best-practice and the ‘not so best-practice pitfalls’ and our business analysts aren’t afraid to challenge your current thinking and way of working.

Consultancy & Analysis

Unlocking your requirements

We want to know what you do, how you do it and why you do it. Only then can we really understand what changes will make a difference to you.  We don’t make changes just because we can. Each change should help you to grow and be something that you can see and measure.


Transferring knowledge and ownership

People have to use software to get value from it. They will only do this if they understand its importance and are confident using it. Our hands-on training sessions give your team the knowledge, and more importantly, confidence to use your system from day one.

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Project Services

Helping you plan and manage change

You may never have run a project like this before. We believe communication is the key. Our PRINCE2 qualified Project Managers are on-hand to help guide you through every step of the process. We talk to you regularly to update the joint plan, check progress and help sort any issues.

Data Advice & Migration

Unleashing your data insights

We know a lot about data and how it can make or break software. Before it can be transferred into your new system it has to be understood. Our data analysis sessions can help you make sense of your information and unlock its potential value. And then get it into your system.

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Systems Integration

Increasing value in your systems

Our integration analysis sessions help you unlock the new perspective that connecting data from multiple systems can give you.  Also, we can show you how to save time and reduce errors by linking systems together to automate tasks and remove manual data entry.

Application Support

Getting you up and running quickly

Unfortunately, sometimes things can and do go wrong. We aim to minimise this as much as possible. If the inevitable does happen, our knowledgeable, and friendly, application support team will get you back to business as quickly as possible. We like to chat or you can use our online portal.

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