Achiever Plus – take a solid foundation and build on it

Achiever Plus – take a solid foundation and build on it

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. With Achiever Plus you start with the core Achiever Software workflows, functions, dashboards and compliance capabilities to focus only on closing potential gaps and the benefits. The Achiever Plus package includes all the ‘out-of-the-box’ Achiever Software capabilities for you to use and evaluate before you start changing anything.  For more information on what we do include as standard, including installing Achiever Software, see Achiever Essentials.

Focusing on the changes that bring value

With Achiever Plus you start with system familiarisation training that gives you a fast-track tour of the core functionality in the product. We use this approach so that you can quickly see any gaps in functionality and avoid discussing requirements later that we already have covered in the product. This helps you use the time available to focus on the changes that are going to bring you benefits.

During these sessions you can also ask any questions about how the product may be adapted to meet your specific need.

Getting to know you

Once you are familiar with what is available, our business analysts are ready to talk to you about any functionality that you need that is not in the product. To really understand what you need, we don’t just discuss functionality but your business goals and outcomes. Sometimes the functionality you think you need isn’t actually what will give you your desired results.

Our business analysts discuss options with you to find the best approach and the results are outlined in a document for you to review.

If you want to bring in your existing data or connect Achiever Software with your other systems we discuss these in detail, document your requirements and create a plan.

We may be able to meet your requirements using our optional modules, through configuration or a combination of both. We go through this with you in detail.

Showing and telling

We create screenshots of any new functionality so you can get a feel for how the system would look and work. During your system configuration we also show you your changes, so you can confirm they are as agreed.

It is only natural that you may change your mind. That’s why we have our change control process to manage new requests and assess these against potentials risks, impact on timescales, scope and value.

Making sure you know how your system has changed and it works for you

If we have configured any changes you will need to test them. We know that you may not be used to testing software and our trainers are on-hand to help. With Achiever Plus we create customised training courses that take you through your changes.  As part of this we also show you how to test and record any issues to send to us to fix.

When you are happy with your system we start preparing for go live. If included, we will bring in your data and work with you to link any systems.

We train you on our system administration level 1 course. After this course you can add new users, amend and add picklists and options, set up email alerts and create new email, document and label templates.

You have the standard training manuals for the courses that you can brand and use to train your new starters or for refresher training.

We are with you onsite when you go live

We want to make sure you are comfortable and confident using the system and are onsite with you as you go live.  Our business analysts are on-hand to answer any questions you have and to help you get to grips with the new way of working.

What about changes to the software and further services

Our product modules offer enhanced functionality that you may want. With Achiever Plus these can be added to your standard Achiever Software product at any time. However, some modules have prerequisites that must be in place before they can be added. You can check this with our team or in the relevant product brochure.

If you spot any gaps in the software and want to make changes, then we can work with you to uncover these and the best way to add these. Our strategic services packages can be used at any time and include: requirements discovery sessions to work out what changes you need, through to data and systems integration services.  We also provide advanced system administration level training sessions and enhanced support services, so you can do more changes in the software without coming back to us every time.

See Our Approach for more information on our strategic services.

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