Achiever Essentials – everything to get up and running

Achiever Essentials – everything to get up and running

Start using Achiever LIMS or CRM software in weeks with our Achiever Essentials package and approach.

The Achiever Essentials package includes the installation of our ‘out-of-the-box’ Achiever LIMS or CRM on your servers, end user training for your team and onsite go live support with one of our business analysts.

Installing Achiever Software

Like any software, there are some hardware and software requirements that it needs to run correctly and perform well.

We send you our recommended (and minimum) Achiever Technical specification document to check you have the required hardware and software in place.

If you are using an on-premise system, our Technical Consultants install three copies of Achiever LIMS or CRM; one for Development (STAGING), one for Training (TRAINING) and one for Live (PRODUCTION).

We ask you to provide secure, remote access for our Technical Consultants to install the system on your nominated servers. We take your security and confidentiality very seriously. Our systems carefully control and restrict access to our customers’ servers to our trained and authorised team members only. We also audit this information and monitor all connections very closely.  We never share this information with any other 3rd parties.

Achiever LIMS or CRM is also available as a hosted solution if you prefer. Prices vary based on your number of users and data volumes.

What’s ‘out-of-the-box’

We’ve already done a lot of the hard-work for you.

Our Achiever Software products come with many of the core workflows, functions, dashboards and compliance capabilities you need to do your job efficiently. We work with our customers and industry partners to make sure we include best-practice approaches and keep it simple. Our Achiever Essentials packages gives you these from day one.

If you are a researcher, for example, who manages human biological samples, it has what you need to comply with the Human Tissue Act (HTA).  Or if you are a university events manager, its interactive dashboards help you see which of your marketing activities are working.

For full details of what’s included in Achiever LIMS download the Achiever Product Overview.

Getting you up and running with our standard training packages

Our end user training courses are hands-on sessions. We show you what is in the core Achiever Software product and how to use it. Our trainers give you their expert, practical advice on how to get the most from your system.  They also take you through common ‘gotchas’ and how to report any support issues to our Application Support team.

That’s not all.  As part of our Achiever Essentials package we also train you on our system administration level 1 course. After this course you can add new users, amend picklist options, set up automated email alerts and create new email, document and label templates.

We give you the standard training manuals for the courses you have attended. You can choose to brand these and also use them to train your new starters or for refresher training.

We are with you onsite when you go live

We want to make sure you are comfortable and confident using the system and are with you during go live.  Our business analysts are on-hand to answer any questions you have and to help you get to grips with the new way of working.

What about changes to the software and further services

Our product modules offer enhanced functionality that you may want. These can be added to your standard Achiever Software product at any time. However, some modules have pre-requisites that must be in place before they can be added. You can check this with our team or in the relevant product brochure.

If you spot any gaps in the software and want to make changes, then we can work with you to uncover these and the best way to add these. Our strategic services packages can be used at any time and include: requirements discovery sessions to work out what changes you need, through to data and systems integration services.  We also provide advanced system administration level training sessions and enhanced support services, so you can do more changes in the software without coming back to us every time.

See Our Approach for more information on our strategic services.

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