Achiever LIMS helps environmental labs streamline diverse sample processes and comply with standards

Achiever LIMS provides your environmental lab with comprehensive CRM functionality to manage client and supplier contracts combined with configurable laboratory workflows so you can process your diverse sample types in accordance with regulatory requirements and SOPs.

Handling diverse samples whilst adhering to quality controls and compliance standards

Environmental labs collect, process, analyse and store a diverse range of samples such as oil, food, water, soil, air, and microbiological. Depending on the sample, and client requirements, the data captured, and procedures followed can vary considerably. The requirements of each client and contract can also be as diverse as the samples.

Samples are collected, and sometimes processed, from multiple sites and labs must comply with all regulatory standards when collecting and processing certain sample types.

It’s also essential that environmental labs prioritise and process time critical samples in accordance with protocols and contractual obligations.

Environmental labs generate large volumes of data. Reliance on paper-based systems can often lead to transcription errors, delays in reporting, as well as at risk of data being mislaid or even damaged.

Achiever LIMS is a modern, configurable laboratory informatics solution that centralises and streamlines diverse workflows, metadata, and data requirements of environmental labs

Achiever LIMS is a scalable, web-based lab informatics solution that can be implemented on private or public cloud, or on-premises. Allowing you, and your clients, to manage or view real-time data, such as job progress, next activities, and test results, through a browser.

The LIMS’ low code, no code configuration tools, and laboratory execution system (LES) enable you to create and adapt workflows and metadata to meet the specific requirements of you, and your clients. The LES guides laboratorians step-by-step through your processes to support compliance with SOPs and standards such as ISO. In addition, the system dynamically audits each action and data update for complete traceability and reproducibility. What’s more, LES workflows can be cloned to quickly create new, similar processes.

In addition, Achiever LIMS’ connectivity tools and APIs facilitate and automate bulk-data uploads including test results from instruments. This helps reduce transcription errors to improve data quality and integrity. In addition, integration with rack and barcode scanners simplify sample identification and retrieval.

Achiever LIMS features that help environmental labs deliver complete environmental monitoring protocols

Achiever LIMS has everything you need for efficient environmental sample and lab management and traceability. Giving you the ability to track every stage of your samples’ lifecycle from initial sample collection through to analysis and destruction. Whether you’re handling a single sample or processing large batches of samples, Achiever LIMS delivers:

  • Configurable workflows based on, sample types, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and client / contract requirements.
  • Full sample lifecycle management from sample collection through to disposal with record versioning for complete traceability.
  • CRM functionality to manage clients, partners, and suppliers.
  • Project and study functionality to manage contracts and work schedules.
  • Scheduler tool to plan and track appointments, tests, and collections that integrates with Microsoft 365 Calendar.
  • Connectivity to instruments and scanners to automate the import of analysis and test results.
  • Secure, controlled access for internal and external (customers) users to view specific reports and restricted data sets.
  • Linked documents functionality to associated reports and images against contracts, samples, and tests.
  • Instrument management to define assets and manage calibration and service activities.
  • Consumable management for tracking reagents and consumables used in tests and analyses.
  • Quality control and compliance features including Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA) management and recording staff training qualifications to meet regulatory and best practice standards including ISO and UKAS.
  • Dynamic record versioning and data auditing for complete traceability and compliance.

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