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An IT Manager’s Search for new Training Management Software

March 8, 2016
Training Management Software

Tim is the IT Systems Manager at DDC Training – he worked his way up from IT Support, to IT Technician and is now the IT Manager. He’s currently drawing up a shortlist of potential training management software suppliers for DDC Training. Tim comes from a technical background – particularly programming – so his current management role has presented a whole …

Using Training Management Software to run a busy admin office

January 8, 2016
using training management software to run a busy admin office

Knowing who is doing what, where and for how long is a much harder task than it first seems…previously in my role as the Project Administrator at Interactive Software this was an impossible balancing act, having to rely on many different colour coded spreadsheets, email calendar reminders and post it notes! I now use a version of our Achiever Training …

The Blended Learning Learner Journey

January 4, 2016
blended learning learner journey

What is Blended Learning? The Blended Learning learner journey approach includes using multiple learning channels to deliver learning and engage a learner, and has taken its place centre stage as the preferred method for many organisations L&D strategies Worldwide. What does Blended Learning mean for the learner journey? When learners were simply sat in a classroom, watching a PowerPoint or …

Customer Support 101 – A Recipe for Success

December 21, 2015
Customer Support 101 - A Recipe for Success

So I have a problem and I need support, what do I need to do to get myself moving again? The journey from disillusion and despair to empathy and happiness may be poles apart depending on the options as to who I can call and the person that answers my call. I have worked within the IT support industry for …

The Story of a Training Manager’s search for Training Management Software

December 14, 2015
training management software

Trisha is the Training Manager at DDC Training. An ex-trainer with a foot in the HR camp, Trisha is responsible for trying to bring order to the chaotic world of training management…not to mention the house and young family she has to manage at home too! The only way Trisha can keep control is through a mountain of spreadsheets and calendar reminders. But …


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