Achiever CRM for Training Management – helping you spend more time training

Streamlining your training processes and automating tasks so you can spend more time focusing on your customers

Achiever CRM Training Management Software

You want to focus your efforts on delivering great quality training to your students. But your trainers are spending more and more of their time on administration and completing paperwork. It’s not as simple as stopping them filling in forms, as you need this information to track feedback – and more importantly – to get paid. We created our Achiever CRM for Training Management with leading training experts to remove many of the administrative burdens that seem to accompany training. So you can spend more time on doing what your customers are paying you to do!

Whether it’s simplifying how you plan and schedule your training courses, communicating with your trainers to make sure they are prepared, managing your bookings or tracking attendance figures – our workflows can help you. We’ve also got customer profiling and marketing tools to help you identify and attract the right students.

Benefits of Achiever CRM for Training Management software

Consistent quality experience

Consistent quality experience

  • Streamlining your course planning and scheduling activities with visibility of trainer availability and expertise to assist in assigning resource.
  • Enhancing your student journey through online bookings and feedback.
  • Improving the quality of your communications by maintaining a strong brand identity.

Right message right time

Right message right time

  • Adhering to compliance with communication tools that exclude students who have opted out and avoid bombarding students with too many messages.
  • Focusing your communication using student interests, preferences and previous activities.
  • Maximising opportunities to engage with your student through automated communications.

Learning, adapting and focusing

Learning, adapting and focusing

  • Knowing – not guessing – which of your marketing activities have the most impact through interactive, real-time dashboards that bring together data to help you see trends.
  • Making your budgets go further by targeting communications and focusing audiences.
  • Highlighting bottlenecks and gaps in your processes to improve efficiency.

We are the first Health and Fitness Company to offer online bookings 24/7, with the ability to update course information direct to our website from the core database, meaning we only have to maintain one system. Customers can now login to the customer portal, manage their details, make bookings and view order history – helping us deliver a high-quality customer journey – and reduce internal admin.- Premier Training International
Interactive Software Limited’s Achiever CRM for Training Management software helped us fundamentally change our business for the better, consolidating our data and joining-up our course building, marketing and sales, and booking and reporting functions. We now have a single, clear view of the entire business – helping us identify new opportunities and make informed, low-risk decisions well in advance.- Premier Training International

Take a look at some of the features

Defining your courses

Create courses with individual sessions and days. Save course templates to use to quickly set up your most popular courses.

Targeting your communications

Use our query and communication tools to narrow-down your target audience for your campaigns and send your messages at the right time.

Managing online bookings

Allow your students to search for training courses and book online using our online customer portal. And they can track their progress too.

Interactive dashboards and reports

Real-time, graphical views of your data so you can quickly see any issues, progress and your current state of play.

Planning and scheduling courses

Use our graphical scheduler to drag and drop individual sessions into your chosen room on your required date – and book your trainer too.

Managing and responding to enquiries

First impressions count. Standard enquiry workflows make sure you consistently capture all enquiries – and follow them up.

Tracking event attendance

See who is supposed to attend each session and mark attendance and no-shows. Record results and print out certificates.

Bulk data load and integration

Import CSV or Excel files using saved field mappings and matching rules. Send data to your finance system and your website.

Access anywhere

Choose the right option for you. Achiever CRM for Training Management HTML5-compliant, web browser-based software gives you the freedom to access the system in the cloud, on-premise via a local server or from a remote site.

Secure yet accessible

Grant access through single sign-on and use permissions at role and user levels to control access to functionality, workflows and data. Sensitive information can be encrypted for maximum protection and opt-outs honoured for GDPR compliance.

Configurable and scalable

With our ‘point-and-click’ configuration options you can add new fields, change captions, update lookup lists, add users, configure workflows – and much more – without code. And you can automatically send email alerts based on your rules.

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