AES Enterprise
Product Overview

For Universities looking for a more Enterprise approach to student recruitment CRM, AES (Achiever Education Software) is available with a series of powerful advanced modules that enable you to closely manage and impact the complete student recruitment journey – in a way tailored to you.

The result? A complete student recruitment solution configured to your precise working practices, delivering a highly-personalised experience for prospective students, their influencers and also enrolled students – helping you reach more enquirers and drive more applications.

How it works

When using AES Enterprise, all aspects of the student journey are evaluated, right from initial contact (which may be through schools liaison) to point of enrolment and beyond. The optimum student journey for your University is then mapped back against the standard AES system to ensure your brand and USP’s are fully-conveyed – maximising both your profile and conversion rates.

Implementation for AES Enterprise is based on a ‘gap analysis’. You have training on the standard AES system first, followed by in-depth workshops to capture your specific processes and terminology, and then map this to your AES solution.

Often, HEIs decide to initially implement AES Quickstart to get up and running quickly, then move on to the AES Enterprise approach once they have a better understanding of the standard system functionality. Implementing new Student Requirement CRM is often used as a conduit to review existing processes and evaluate against industry best practice – this is where ISL’s experienced team will help you define workflows, responsibilities and project process.

Once you have the fundamentals of your new solution in place, and the most efficient workflows mapped to it, you can start expanding the system by adding modules such as B2B, Alumni, MIS integration, Offline Forms, Social Listening and Social Media Integration.

What you get

AES Enterprise is the only student recruitment CRM to feature cutting-edge Social Listening functionality. With thousands of Social Media conversations happening daily about your prospects, students, University and competitors – you need true intelligence to help you monitor sentiment, identify locations, gather insights and ultimately, to make informed decisions that allow you to create better experiences, courses and marketing. Don’t just listen. Understand.

AES integrates seamlessly with Student MIS solutions such as SITS: Vision and Banner, delivering a highly-integrated student lifecycle solution to enable you to attract and enrol the “right” students – as well as track and strengthen those relationships once enrolled. It’s this advanced integration that creates a seamless, personalised experience for your students – from first enquiry – through to graduation and beyond.

MIS Integration
Event Invitations
Offline Data Capture
Complex Enquiries
Social Media Integration
Social Listening
Advanced Reporting

Pete Lumb, CRM Officer at University of Central Lancashire, said,

“We wanted a fully-relational database, where interactions captured from every touch-point are stored against a single contact record for a truly holistic view of the individual and their journey. Delivering one central point where a complete, joined-up history of each prospective student can be viewed”

What this means for you…

More Time

Because everything is integrated, automated and in one place, youcreate additional “free” resource that you can allocate to high value activities that make a real difference. Oh, and did we say that you can be up and running in as little as 6 weeks.

Better Support

With ISL, every customer is fully supported. You won’t be the poor relation to one of our enterprise customers. And you won’t have to wait endlessly on hold. We don’t employ call loggers, our manned helpdesk and customer portal mean your queries and requests are quickly resolved.

High Conversion

With bold University brands, high-impact multi-channel marketing campaigns and one “true” source of deep student data, you will begin driving more enquiries and more conversions from day one.

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