AES Enterprise
Project Process

The AES AIM Approach:
A tried and trusted approach combining understanding, communication and expertise.

Universities taking an Enterprise approach will benefit from the full Achiever Implementation Methodology (AIM) project process, designed to minimise disruption and create immediate impact.

Our tried and trusted AIM methodology – which is firmly based on PRINCE2 principles, encourages knowledge transfer and empowers your internal teams to quickly progress from partnership to ownership.

Your dedicated HE Consultant will embed themselves in your organisation and ways of working, using best practice approaches to drive improved student recruitment figures through improvements in email marketing, events and automation of administration.

Your Project Manager and Consultant will break the project down into achievable milestones and work with you and your team on individual tasks to achieve those milestones.

Transparency, open communication and project management software will enable you to keep up to date with our progress – and keep your stakeholders up to date with the project.






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