AES QuickStart
Product Overview

The only Student Recruitment
CRM mapped to the student journey


From capturing enquiries, handling prospectus requests and taking on-line event bookings to managing student interactions, initiating marketing campaigns and reporting on your activity. You can now implement all of this, and control it from one central place – in as little as 6 weeks.

AES (Achiever Education Software) QuickStart has been developed in collaboration with leading UK Universities for institutions looking for a fast and effective deployment of student recruitment CRM software delivering immediate and tangible benefits.

Industry insight and close partnerships with longstanding University clients have allowed us to identify the most effective student recruitment CRM features that will enable you to start driving enquiries and conversions from the “right” students from day one.


How it works


You begin using the software and capturing enquiries straightaway by installing an “out of the box” version of the AES system, which has been pre-configured based on HE best practices.

Once your teams are up and running and you want to tailor the solution more to your specific requirement, the system has been designed so that it can be quickly configured and re-deployed in Agile sprints, ensuring that the system exactly meets your requirements in an ever changing and demanding business environment.

Once you have the fundamentals of your new solution in place and the most efficient workflows mapped to it, you can start expanding the system by adding modules such as B2B, Alumni Fundraising, Student MIS integration, Offline Forms, Social Listening and Social Media Integration.


What you get


Your AES QuickStart solution has been pre-built with specific student recruitment CRM functionality to make sure you start generating results from day one, features include;

Data Capture
Literature Fulfillment
Student Interactions
Event Booking
Event Management
Marketing Campaigns

Richard Noon, University of Huddersfield,

“We wanted a fully-relational database, where interactions captured from every touch-point are stored against a single contact record for a truly holistic view of the individual and their journey. Delivering one central point where a complete, joined-up history of each prospective student can be viewed”

What this means for you…

More Time

Because everything is integrated, automated and in one place, you create additional “free” resource that you can allocate to high value activities that make a real difference. Oh, and did we say that you can be up and running in as little as 6 weeks.

Better Support

With ISL, every customer is fully supported. You won’t be the poor relation to one of our enterprise customers. And you won’t have to wait endlessly on hold. We don’t employ call loggers, our manned helpdesk and customer portal mean your queries and requests are quickly resolved.

High Conversion

With bold University brands, high-impact multi-channel marketing campaigns and one “true” source of deep student data, you will begin driving more enquiries and more conversions from day one.

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