How to use Student Recruitment CRM to optimise Conversions at University Events

How to use Student Recruitment CRM to optimise Conversions at University Events

Many HEI’s enter the academic year worrying about how they are going to meet the student recruitment targets that have been set for them. One of the key components for meeting this target is being able to use Student Recruitment CRM to optimise Conversions at University Events, such as General Open Days and Course Specific Information Days.

Who should we target?

One of the key problems that Universities face is that they do not capture all of the important information from Students that enquire to the University, be that about course fees, content, facilities, accommodation, the local area or things such as the activity of the Student Union.

It is imperative every contact with a potential student is captured, where possible, even if it is just an email address or social media handle, as this builds up the marketing list to provide the Student Recruitment and Marketing teams with a ready-made list to engage with.

How do we engage most effectively?

Once you have captured enquirer information the next question is what to do with it. Where possible additional segmentation analysis should be applied to create more of a targeted approach for each individual. For example, rather than a blanket email inviting everyone who has had contact with the University to an Open Day, the University may want to create different messages for school leavers, people who have requested a prospectus and people who have made an actual enquiry to the University.

The Content Marketing Software Company Hubspot has released some useful articles on writing compelling email copy and also the typical open rates for targeted emails vs blanket messages, which average around 39% higher opening rates.

What is the best way to run an Event?

The next step is to think about the Event process itself and to do this most effectively the University should put themselves in the prospective students shoes and ask themselves some searching questions about how to use Student Recruitment CRM to optimise Conversions at University Events:

• How easy is it for potential students to book on their events?
• Is there a simple booking portal that allows them to select the events and sessions that they want to attend?
• Are they able to cancel and rebook sessions easily?
• Are they able to check into events using methods that they would use for other activities such as going to the cinema, for example through the use of QR codes?
• Do they get automatic prompts to remind them that the event is coming up and what they have booked on?
• Does the student get follow-ups straight after the event asking them what they thought to drive continuous improvement?
• How do they feel after the event and what are the best strategies to encourage them to go on to apply?

What happens on the day?

On the day it is very important that there is a smooth check in process, prospective students won’t be impressed having to queue to have their name checked off lists or fill out endless forms before they are able to attend sessions.

It is also very useful for the University to have live statistics on the day so that they can see at a glance how many people are booked to attend, how many have actually turned up, how many people that have not pre-registered turned up to the event. All this information helps them to manage resources on the day but also plan better for future events.

The next steps to Conversion…

Universities that manage the event check in process electronically have a significant edge on those still doing it manually. The student data is already held in one central place and they are able to send out targeted communications both during the Open Day and straight after the event.

Different messages can be prepared for those that did attend as well as those that booked but could not make it. Prospective students can be tagged into communications programmes designed to help them progress towards making an application and then attending more targeted events such as Course Information Days.


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