Achiever Medical LIMS Analytics and Data Visualisation

Uncover the hidden benefits and insight in your lab data using Achiever Medical LIMS data analytics and visualisation tools. Leverage your data to inform decision-making, recognize trends, identify bottlenecks, and highlight non-conformance.

What’s more, deep dive into your data to understand what’s behind the numbers.  Also, create instant analytics through the Dashboard Designer’s simple user interface to bring your data to life and make it work for you.

Achiever Medical LIMS analytics drive change and deliver insight to your lab

Achiever Medical LIMS harnesses the power of the industry standard DevExpress Dashboard Designer to deliver business intelligence and data analytics that gives you insight into your lab’s performance and productivity. Helping you make more informed decisions and providing early notification of potential issues, so you can take action to minimise impact.

DevExpress Dashboards are fully integrated with the LIMS. This means that you can access the editor and run dashboards from within the system. Also, you can control access to the dashboards through the LIMS’ standard role and profile permissions.

Create integrated dashboards and analytics without code

What’s more, you can use Achiever Medical LIMS’ query builder to create data sources for the dashboards. As a result, the dashboards automatically honour any data security permissions you’ve defined. Also, you don’t have to get to grips with linking tables and database design. Making your data even more accessible for users and super users when it comes to dashboard creation – while safeguarding sensitive information. Users can also drill down into individual records by opening details screens to reveal the underlying data.

Achiever Medical LIMS dashboard library

Achiever Medical provides a library of integrated dashboards to drive change and bring benefits to your lab from day one. Each dashboard has been carefully crafted to display information about your team, processes, and samples. So, you can see at a glance how your lab is performing and where any adjustments need to be made. As a result, you can see the impact of any changes you make in real-time in the latest dashboard figures.

Outlined below are just some of the dashboards available in the suite and the insight you can receive.

Storage dashboards for improved capacity planning

LIMS Storage Capacity Dashboard

LIMS Storage Capacity Dashboard

Interactive storage dashboards give lab managers, compliance officers and lab technicians insight into storage usage over defined periods. Highlighting peak storage periods and longer term storage needs to maximise storage usage.

  • Maximise storage capacity across multiple locations
  • Maximise storage usage by identifying peak times
  • Improve multi-team and site collaboration


Sample activity dashboards for productivity and resource management

LIMS Sample Activity and Events

LIMS Sample Activity and Events Dashboard

Discover how your samples are being used, where, when and by whom.

  • Optimise resources by identifying potential resource and process bottlenecks
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve quality by identifying training or upskilling needs


Sample request dashboards for improved collaboration and service

LIMS Sample Applications and Requests Dashboard

LIMS Sample Requests Dashboard

Learn which samples are the most frequently requested by internal and external collaborators.

  • Improve quality of products offered by identifying most requested samples
  • Improve resource planning by identifying peak request times/periods
  • Reduce costs by identifying least requested samples


Patient recruitment and retention dashboards

LIMS Patient Recruitment and Consent Withdrawal Dashboards

LIMS Patient Recruitment and Consent Withdrawal Dashboards

Understand patient behaviour and consent requirements in addition to when and why patients withdraw consent and participation.

  • Improve patient recruitment and study planning
  • Increase patient diversity
  • Increase patient retention by understanding withdrawal reasons


Compliance and auditing dashboards

LIMS CAPA Dashboard

LIMS CAPA Dashboard

Monitoring lab performance, productivity and quality so you can take action promptly to minimise costs and resources.

  • Increase/maintain regulatory compliance
  • Improve SOPs /evidence compliance
  • Reduce impact of potential non-compliance by identifying issues/missing documentation

Achiever Medical LIMS data analytics and dashboard helps your lab to:

Drive decision-making

Drive decision-making

Identifying trends and delivering real-time insights

Empower users

Empower users

Reducing pressure on system administrators and IT

Deliver business intelligence

Deliver business intelligence

Static and interactive data visualisations

Providing multi-datasource analytics and dashboards

Multi-datasource analytics and dashboards in the Achiever Medical laboratory information management system enable you to bring together data from multiple sources without requiring costly – or time-consuming – integration or data extract and import services. As a result, you gain real-time access to previously untapped or less-accessible information in one dashboard.

Multi-data source dashboards enable you to:

  • Increase visibility by combining data from disparate systems – including spreadsheets – for a 360° view.
  • Reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary or complex integration.
  • Improve data quality by comparing data from different systems side-by-side.
  • Increase security by eliminating data extracts and file transfers.
  • Maximise data stored in existing systems without time-consuming and costly extraction, cleansing, formatting, and importing services.

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