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10 USERS FREE FOR 6 MONTHS – Laboratory Information Management and Sample Tracking Software to help support your COVID-19 research and clinical trials

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Already used by NHS Trust Biobanks and research labs to process COVID-19 samples

At Interactive Software Limited we want to help support you in understanding and researching COVID-19. We’re pleased to offer our software with application support free for 6 months* to labs and Biobanks processing COVID-19 samples and undertaking COVID-19 research. And, crucially, you can be using the software quickly – within days!

Here’s how Achiever Medical can help:

  • Project and study management to manage sample collections and specific research work
  • Sample management including comprehensive storage management, barcode label generation and scanning
  • Sample processing functionality such as creating and managing aliquots, derivatives and analyses
  • Patient and sample profiling including lifestyle, treatment, diagnosis and disease specific data capture and analysis
  • Multi-level authentication and enhanced security options with encrypted personal identifiable data
  • Patient informed consent management
  • Data export capabilities and standard graphical dashboards
  • Easy and quick to configure and add fields needed to manage new or changing data requirements
  • Sample request and sample sharing processes
  • Communication tools to send out emails/mailings to patients/third parties
  • Management of clinical trials including defining collection visits and samples to be collected, managing trial participants and tracking actual visits attended and samples collected on each visit
  • Audit trail at record- and field-level as well as an automatic sample movement and activity tracking audit
  • Plus, you can purchase additional modules if required, to manage bulk data imports, instrument integration and more
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About Achiever Medical

Achiever Medical is a configurable, web-based lab information management and Biobanking software solution. Providing comprehensive functionality and workflows to manage and process your tissue samples securely. Its unique security and auditing capability protects your data while providing full traceability.

We launched our Essentials package over 12 months ago to provide labs and Biobanks with a sophisticated preconfigured Laboratory Information Management System that could be implemented quickly. The software delivers prebuilt lab workflows and dashboards as standard allowing you to hit the ground running.

At the end of the 6-month period you can choose to extract your data or continue your use of the software by purchasing the required software licenses. You can also choose to purchase additional licenses to roll out the system to other research projects and/or teams.

* Free option only for software installed on the customer’s own servers on premise and only available to COVID-19 labs and Biobanks. A hosted solution is also available please contact us for options and costs. The customer pays for the mandatory services package that includes software installation, system configuration and training services. Terms and Conditions apply – please contact us for full terms and conditions.