7 ways Achiever Medical LIMS bolsters your lab data security

Achiever Medical LIMS is a centralised, secure laboratory information management system that uses modern data encryption methods (AES-256), authentication protocols and technology to bolster security to protect your valuable data while providing connectivity with your other systems to give scientists what they need to carry out their research and testing activities.

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Whether you want to learn more about Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), digital transformation or are in the process of implementing or upgrading a LIMS in your biobank our guides and blogs offer you some handy hints and tips.

New to LIMS?

Understand more about how a LIMS can help your lab and it’s core functionality.

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Compliance concerns

A LIMS standardises processes and data helping you meet regulatory compliance.

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LIMS for Biobanks

Discover how Achiever Medical LIMS can help your biobank or biorepository

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