Achiever Medical LIMS delivers oversight to clinical trial labs for improved insight and compliance

Achiever Medical LIMS delivers oversight to clinical trial labs for improved insight and compliance

Labs running, managing, and overseeing a wide range of clinical trials covering many different types, stages, and forms of diseases that vary in size and complexity spanning multiple hospitals and involving hundreds of patients can benefit from Achiever Medical LIMS clinical trial and laboratory execution system (LES).

The LIMS provides a range of tools to help labs set up the trials, recruit patients, close out the study and submit regulatory documents. Further, Achiever Medical LIMS delivers oversight across the trials ensuring that all labs working with trial samples are handling them in compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines as well confirming that any specific trial regulations are being met.

Achiever Medical LIMS help labs accurately manage, organise, and track the thousands of samples that are collected by, and transferred between different collaborators and labs for processing and analysis. The LIMS helps the team track sample shipments and movements to identify potential bottlenecks and improve turnaround times.

Auditing and reproducibility are crucial requirements when managing clinical trials and essential components for meeting regulatory compliance such as GCP. Achiever Medical LIMS dynamically audits all data updates through its record versioning features to provide a complete log of what has happened to each sample, who has performed that action and where each sample is currently located. Achiever Medical LIMS’ tracking capabilities also extend to sample genealogy further enabling the team to trace the provenance of each sample.

Achiever Medical LIMS provides a centralised system that enables teams to securely share data with other labs across the organisation. The LIMS ensures all data is recorded consistently whilst reducing the level of data duplication, paperwork and, as a result, transcription errors.

The standardised way in which data is collected and managed enables labs to use the LIMS to manage its oversight and generate monthly reports on the samples that have been collected and analysed for a specific trial. The team can also check newly registered participants, completed collection events, samples taken to date and see how those samples have been processed and stored. The LIMS can also be used to generate yearly reports for boards.

Finally, the most significant benefit offered by Achiever Medical LIMS is to simplify and improve compliance across labs. Labs regularly inspected by the MHRA can use Achiever Medical LIMS to demonstrate how samples are being managed and tracked. This information can be accessed quickly and easily and, if required, printed out for the inspector whenever requested.