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Your 5-step guide to successful laboratory compliance

Your 5-Step Guide to Laboratory Compliance

Whether you are a laboratory, biobank or biorepository, compliance with some form of legislative requirement or internal standard operating procedure will be high on your list of priorities. After all, if you fail to comply with the appropriate legislative requirements, you could be put into remedial measures which damage your reputation and could result in the end of your operations. Or worse, the responsible individuals could end up in prison.

You may see compliance as something extra that you must do in addition to your day-to-day operations. And if you are constantly trying to impress, and second guess what the inspectors and auditors are looking for, then the burden of compliance will become ever heavier and unsustainable. It is easy to forget in amongst all the stress to comply that it is there to help support, improve and protect your operations.

For compliance to work for you, you need to go back to the basics. Our 5-step guide has been created to give you some practical advice to choose the accreditations to best serve you and to help remove some of burden and stresses that audits and compliance can bring.

Sample Auditing

Further Information

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