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Implementing Laboratory Sample Management software – 7-step guide to data migration

Implementing Laboratory Sample Management software

Helping you tackle the challenges of data migration

Our 7-step guide to migrating data when implementing Laboratory Sample Management software has been designed by our experienced implementation team to help you and your team plan, prepare and navigate through this intricate task.

If you have taken the decision to purchase a new Laboratory Sample Management system one of your first thoughts may be ‘what am I going to do with all of our existing data?’.

If you are considering a new system, the thought of migrating your existing data may actually be stopping you from even looking at potential solutions.

At Interactive Software, we have over 25 years’ experience in helping our customers transform their lab processes and provide greater transparency and insight into their data using our innovative Laboratory Sample Management Software, Achiever Medical.

Migrating existing customers’ data into Achiever Medical is an integral component of most of our implementations. No two customers are the same and each data migration project brings with it its own challenges. Our guide provides practical solutions to help you tackle some of the most common issues.

Our 7-Step guide to data migration includes:

  • Understanding the challenges of spreadsheets as data repositories
  • Including data migration as part of your Laboratory Sample Management system implementation plan
  • Laying the foundation for data migration preparation
  • Useful templates to help you identify your data sources and provide greater visibility of your data
  • The importance of obtaining useful data examples
  • Advice for creating a data migration plan

Click Booklet below to download your free Data Migration Guide

Laboratory Sample Management Software Data Migration Guide

Download your free guide to start working on your data migration plan and improve the quality and integrity of your laboratory sample data.

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