Streamline your procedures and workflow using Achiever LIMS’ Laboratory Execution System (LES)

The Achiever LIMS Laboratory Execution System (LES) digitalises lab processes to improve consistency, traceability, reproducibility, and compliance.

Supporting GxP, ISO17025, MHRA and HTA regulated labs to comply with regulatory requirements, the Achiever LIMS LES ensures researchers and analysts consistently follow defined protocols and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Map your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into Achiever LIMS

Design, configure and execute laboratory procedures and workflows using Achiever LIMS’ configurable Laboratory Execution System (LES). The LES guides researchers and analysts step-by-step through laboratory procedures and workflows to simplify data entry, automate repetitive tasks, and aid a paperless lab approach.

Simple workflows through to more complex processes involving multiple procedures, workflows and tasks can be configured using the Achiever LIMS’ LES.

LIMS Laboratory Execution System EDTA Process

LIMS Laboratory Execution System EDTA Process


Don’t stand still

Laboratory techniques, skills, equipment, legislation, and personnel change as advances in science and understanding evolve. With Achiever LIMS’ Laboratory Execution System (LES) you’re in control with the ability to update, extend and add new workflows and procedures as your lab needs change.

The Achiever LIMS LES uses a configurable workflow engine to link together a series of sequential steps. In addition, the LES uses the existing low-code, no-code configuration tools to build and amend procedures and workflows. Plus, the LES dynamically includes the LIMS’ existing security and record versioning functionality.


Benefits of using the lab process execution system

Standardising your lab workflows can help to improve your lab’s efficiency as well as encourage users adoption of the system by simplifying its usage. Further benefits include:

Increased Compliance

Reduced Administration

Improved Data Quality

Increased Traceability

Improved Reproducibility

Feature Highlights

With all the tools to design or amend procedures to meet new and evolving requirements, Achiever LIMS’ Laboratory Execution System (LES) enables you to:

  • Link actions and tasks together. These include choosing a data set, inserting data, opening a screen and prompting options. Plus, printing labels and importing/exporting data
  • Create workflows with ‘true’ and ‘false’ paths based on rules-based logic, options, data selected and data available
  • Create reusable ‘procedure blocks’ that can be standalone or linked into larger workflows
  • ‘Pause’ and ‘Continue’ with a process
  • Define roll-backs
  • Adhere to existing security controls and access
  • Define mandatory, sequential steps as part of a procedure

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