Cambridge University Hospitals streamlines sample management processes using Achiever Medical in 13 weeks

Cambridge University Hospitals streamlines sample management processes using Achiever Medical in 13 weeks

The brief

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH) includes Addenbrooke’s Hospital, the Rosie Hospital and Saffron Walden Community Hospital. As part of its eHospital strategy CUH was looking for a trust-wide sample management software. The software had to manage CUH’s diverse sample tracking and laboratory processes in compliance with the Human Tissue Act (HTA).  Also, CUH wanted to be using the new software within 13 weeks.

The solution

CUH chose Interactive Software Limited’s Achiever Medical sample management software to streamline its sample management processes. Achiever Medical had a proven quick implementation timeframe, in-built sample management processes and flexible configuration tools. The agreed implementation plan involved using as much of the standard functionality as possible. In order to go live within the timeframe, it was agreed that a phased roll-out of the solution would be appropriate. This would be phased across the different departments and include a structured training plan. Also, through this phase approach nominated CUH’s super-users would be able to configure new processes and amend existing workflows. In addition, they would also be able to add new data elements as they discovered new requirements.

The outcome

Both parties worked closely to tightly manage the implementation and to focus on the 13-week implementation timescale for the first phase of the roll-out.

“Engagement with ISL has been fantastic. They really understand our operational and strategic goals and are focused on delivering a successful project.”

 The first team to use the new system was the Cancer Molecular Diagnostics Lab (CMDL).

Immediately after the CMDL team started using the software, work began on further optimisations so the next two teams, the Tissue Bank (TB) and the Blood Processing Lab (BPL), could also use the system. While they were gathering and implementing their requirements, CMDL was already evolving its own workflows and functionality highlighted through actual user experience.

Since go live, CUH has extended the system functionality across several subsequent phases, with all teams receiving the bulk of the enhancements. This promotes cohesive inter-team processes and maximises the benefit of changes. However, if all teams do not require the changes, Achiever Medical’s powerful profile and role functionality restricts these to specific teams only. This balances institute-wide consistency with support for team-specific requirements.

Main benefits

The main benefits of the project, using Interactive Software Limited’s approach and the Achiever Medical sample management software include:

  1. Flexibility – Achiever Medical’s flexibility allowed for a very rapid implementation time.  The Cancer Molecular Diagnostic Lab was live within 13 weeks. In addition, we created optimal lab and data handling processes using Achiever Medical’s configurable screens and workflows
  2. Strong integration – Working directly with the FluidX plate scanner and QIAgen QIAsymphony data files minimised human error and maximised efficiency with associated benefits in data quality. The ability to print barcode labels directly from Achiever Medical and scan barcodes wherever required increased speed of data entry and reduced errors. In addition, support for 100+ barcode symbologies keeps options open for the future use of new technologies
  3. Time and cost savings – optimised lab and sample management processes resulted in lower processing costs.  As a result these can be passed on to departments and institutes using CUH teams’ services
  4. Risk reduction –implementing a system that different teams can adopt when ready allowed for greater consistency in processes and eased compliance management. It also reduced the number of skillsets necessary to support electronic sample management systems across the institute. Also, training became easier, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) simplified and non-compliance less common. This all resulted in greater sample viability and cost savings
  5. Data accuracy – automated lab processes and automated data gathering/recording minimised the risk of human error. This made processes consistent and easier
  6. Ease of compliance – Compliance with the Human Tissue Act is often seen as a legislative burden. However, Achiever Medical has taken care of all auditing and also aids compliance reporting. It has reduced the compliance administrative overhead while compliance with the HTA will only help to further raise CUH’s reputation


More information on how you can improve your sample management processes within weeks

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