Benefits Overview

The Achiever Stakeholder Management System has been designed to address common issues in stakeholder engagement and management including reducing the time taken to generate personalised communications, ensuring compliance with the data protection act and ensuring all stakeholders receive appropriate communication without being over-contacted.

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ASMS Feature Description Business Benefit
Capture All Information about your Stakeholders

Really understand the needs and wants of your stakeholders

Improve Customer Service

Role-Based Contact Structure

Each stakeholder can have unlimited roles and associated profiling information. Improve Data Quality and Integrity
Group and Classify

Simplify the engagement process by grouping stakeholders for communications purposes

Target More Effectively
Track All Interactions

Make sure everyone in the team is kept up to date and that stakeholders are not over contacted

Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction

Manage All Inbound and Outbound Communications

Ensure that each stakeholder (group) gets the appropriate communications at the right time

Improve Customer Service

Manage Events and Delegate Lists

Target the right people for events and manage the event process proactively resulting in better attended events with reduced cost of administration

Improve Customer Service and Reduce Costs

Link Documents and Files

Hold unlimited documents, presentations, meeting minutes etc against the stakeholder record, event or project that can be made available to authorised staff

Improve Efficiency

Standard Interfaces (Open Standards Architecture)

Ability to interface with applications such as Microsoft Outlook (Email and Calendar), websites and existing applications to provide a complete view of the stakeholder

Improve Efficiency and Data Quality