Does your Higher Education CRM software make running your graduation ceremony as easy as ABC?
Nov 26

Does your Higher Education CRM software make running your graduation ceremony as easy as ABC?

With graduation season drawing to a close, you can now allow yourself to let out a sigh of relief. It’s over for another year! Your newly awarded graduates hopefully had a lovely day to remember. Could you say the same for your team? Did everything run as smoothly as you’d like or were there the usual queues, confusion about who was attending, hastily handwritten tickets and gaps in your order of ceremony? Achiever Higher Education CRM software can help eliminate some of these challenges; taking some of the stress out of running your events including your graduation ceremony.

A: Find out who’s planning to attend

Using Higher Education CRM software, you can send out a focused email invitation to your targeted list of graduands.

In Achiever CRM, for example, this is a personalised, branded email communication that contains a unique link to the system’s online event management portal. From the portal graduands can register to attend the graduation ceremony. Plus, they can also add guests as well as any dietary or special requirements.

As soon as they have registered, Achiever CRM automatically sends a follow-up, personalised email communication to the graduand’s email address. This email also contains a unique QR code that will be used to gain access to the event. With increased concerns about security at all events, the code and email give you an additional layer of protection.

During the registration process, you can use Achiever’s real-time dashboards to review expected numbers and prepare for any special requirements.

B: Print tickets for actual attendees

Higher Education CRM systems can help you create lists of attendees that you can then print out and use to create tickets.

Achiever CRM takes this a step further by enabling you to check in graduands electronically and print professional-quality tickets on the actual day of the ceremony.

On the day of graduation Achiever Higher Education CRM software can make the whole check-in process easier and smoother. At the check-in desk, your team uses the Achiever digital clipboard to check-in graduands and their guests using the QR code you provided.

Plus, to prevent any queues building, your team can use a mobile device to ‘embrace the queue’ and check in graduands before they arrive at the desk by once again using Achiever’s digital clipboard. This all helps to reduce errors that can occur when manually crossing-off people on printed lists.

In addition, you’re now employing extra security checks without you and your team having to do any more work.

As soon as you have ‘checked in’ a graduand and guests, Achiever Higher Education CRM software automatically prints their tickets for the event. Achiever CRM software links with barcode and label printers, including BarTender and Brady. Information, that you define, is merged automatically from the CRM system. And you can print on pre-printed labels as well as blank labels. As a result, you save time, money and resources by only printing the labels you need. Plus, it saves you the embarrassment of hand-writing invitations; maintaining the professionalism of your University and the gravitas of the occasion. You’re also creating an invaluable keep-sake of the occasion for your graduands.

C: Generate your order of ceremony

Using Higher Education CRM software, you can generate your order of ceremony.

However, with Achiever CRM, as you are updating your attendance in real-time you can use the software’s dashboards to create an up-to-the-minute list of actual attendees for your order of ceremony.

Plus, once the ceremony has finished, Achiever CRM automatically sends out emails to those attending as well as those unable to attend.

A final thought on how Higher Education CRM software can help your graduation ceremony run more smoothly

Higher Education CRM software has a range of tools to help you run your events including your graduation ceremony. From sending the invitations to register, creating lists of attendees and guests, generating lists for printing tickets and creating an order of ceremony.

Advanced CRM systems, like Achiever CRM, allow you to take your graduation ceremony to the next level. With its online event portal, integration with barcode printers and real-time dashboards, Achiever CRM helps you to:

  • Reduce costs by only printing the tickets you actually need
  • Reduce queues by using mobile devices to ‘embrace’ graduands as they arrive
  • Maintain your professionalism by eliminating hand-written tickets
  • Increase security without increasing the workload of your team
  • Decrease the stress-levels of your team by removing manual cross-checking and double-checking of attendees and guests

And it’s not just graduation ceremonies that Achiever CRM can help you with. It can also help with open-day events and interviews. So, get in touch to see how Achiever CRM can help take some of the stress out of running your events.

Roll on applicant day events season!

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