Achiever Medical – the only software for Biobanks that links to the UKCRC Tissue Directory to publish your sample holdings
Nov 26

Achiever Medical – the only software for Biobanks that links to the UKCRC Tissue Directory to publish your sample holdings

The competition is tough out there for Biobanks. You’re competing with commercial as well as academic Biobanks. And you need your Biobank to stand out and be noticed. You want to be the first point of call for researchers who are sourcing samples and for funders who are ready to invest. Reputation is everything. Where better to start than publishing your tissue sample holdings data on a renowned directory like the UKCRC Tissue Directory? This might sound easier said than done. However, Achiever Medical makes it easier – and quicker – for you to do just that. Plus, it’s the only software for Biobanks with live links that automatically send your sample holdings data to the UKCRC Tissue Directory.

Reasons why you don’t currently publish your tissue sample holdings to the UKCRC Tissue Directory

You know that publishing your sample holdings data to the UKCRC Tissue Directory will help your Biobank increase its exposure and improve its reputation. But you may see getting your data to it as challenging and time-consuming.

Achiever Medical software for Biobanks has been designed to help overcome these challenges so you can get the most from your tissue samples and achieve your goal to further research. We’ve outlined 4 key challenges below and how Achiever Medical can help you overcome these.

1. We’re not sure about the quality and consistency of our data

If you hold your data in different systems and databases, then the chances are its quality and consistency will have suffered. Using Achiever Medical software to manage samples and lab processes in your Biobank will help improve your data quality and consistency. It has in-built workflows and data validation tools.

The software’s import tools enable you to bring in data from your spreadsheets and databases. As part of the import process, the validation tools make sure that mandatory fields and values are in place to improve your data quality. While the in-built workflows guide you step-by-step through your processes to make sure you enter information at the right time and in the required format.

2. It takes ages for us to update our terminology and values to match what the directory needs

You’re used to describing your tissue samples using your own terms and values. Changing these would be challenging and time-consuming. Plus, you’d more than likely have to train your team on these changes as well as update all your associated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and documentation.

Achiever Medical software has been designed so your Biobank doesn’t need to do any of this!

Achiever Medical has an in-built translation tool. The result, you can continue to use your own terminology to define your tissue sample holdings. You set up the translations once and the software dynamically translates your data as it sends it to the directory. And you only need to update it if you start using new terms or want to submit additional data values.

3. We don’t want to publish all our tissue samples on the UKCRC Tissue Directory

Not a problem. With Achiever Medical software managing the tissue samples for your Biobank you’re in control. You choose the tissue sample collections that you want to publish. And don’t worry you can change these at any time.

What’s more you can even ring-fence groups of samples that you don’t want to publish within a collection. This is perfect for protecting prospectively collected samples you’ve earmarked for a particular researcher.

4. We don’t have time to upload our sample holdings data regularly

If your sample data is held in separate spreadsheets and systems it might take you some time to get it all together. And because it takes you so long to upload your sample holdings data at the moment you may only do this once a year. The result, researchers could be wasting their time and yours by requesting tissue samples you no longer have available. Also, if you have distinctive tissues samples arrive in your Biobank you want to publicise these immediately – not wait a year.

Achiever Medical helps remove the time-burden of submitting your data by sending your sample holdings data automatically to the directory. You just need to set up the transfer rules once, identifying which sample collections you want to send and how often. The software then takes care of this in the background for you. You can also see a complete audit log of what the system has sent and when.

Plus, if there’s an issue, the software will send you an email alert so you can go in and make the required updates.

As a result, researchers are viewing, and will go on to request, samples from your most-up-to-date holdings. All of this may mean you have a quicker turnaround time for your samples and, importantly, researchers are using them for the purpose for which you collected them. Plus, you’re also incurring lower storage overheads and improving your samples’ viability as they won’t be sat around for months.

Why using Achiever Medical software in your Biobank can help you publish your sample holdings data to the UKCRC Tissue Directory

Publishing your tissue sample holdings data to the UKCRC Tissue Directory can help improve your reputation. It can also increase your Biobank’s exposure to funders and researchers.

Achiever Medical is the only software for Biobanks that has a live link to the UKCRC Tissue Directory. This means you can send your sample holdings data automatically to the directory as often as you want. By using Achiever Medical software in your Biobank it can:

  • Improve your data quality and consistency using validation tools
  • Save you time by dynamically translating your data prior to sending to the directory
  • Allow you to publish your sample holdings data frequently
  • Reduce costs by making sure your current holdings data is available to researchers

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