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Interactive Software Limited: COVID-19 Update and Business Continuity Plan

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Interactive Software Limited (ISL): COVID-19 Update and Business Continuity Plan

Dear Customers and Partners

Following Government advice issued around COVID-19, we are now adopting a full work from home policy for all members of the team. Whilst this has been previously available as an option, it is now mandatory for all staff to avoid travel to the office.

Our priorities remain as the wellbeing of our staff and families, and to support business priorities effectively, including continuity of service and care to our Customers and Partners.

We are ready and available to help and support you during this unprecedented time.

We would like to take the opportunity to extend our thanks to all those involved in keep critical services functioning at this difficult time as well as those actively involved in research and providing critical care.

We are aware that many of our sites are being called upon to support the fight against COVID-19.  Together with the UKCRC, we are also offering and extending our support and assistance to our NHS and Academic customers and those contributing to research and treatment for those impacted and at risk of COVID-19.  The ISL team is ready to help wherever we can so please ensure that you make us aware of how we can support you.

Interactive Software Limited Business Continuity Plan

We had already undertaken the following steps ahead of this enforced measure:


  • ISL has appropriate tools and bandwidth to support the entire team working remotely to the ISL offices. No additional resources have had to be considered to facilitate this scenario.

Business as Usual

  • All staff will be required to work from home in lieu of attending the ISL offices.
  • In order to minimise the impact on the company schedules, communication tools are already in place to facilitate meetings and discussions.
  • All work is prioritised according to customer impact so that we can ensure the completion of work in line with agreed deadlines.
  • Face-to-face meetings have been replaced by online meetings to avoid unnecessary travel and exposure to risk.
  • Any travel to site will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis giving due consideration to the situation, guidance and local conditions at each site. Any decisions will be made with full consideration of the Customer and communicated in a timely manner.
  • No visitors are planned to ISL’s own offices for the short term.

Staff Wellbeing

  • Signage and hand sanitisation products were increased over the last fortnight to promote hygiene.
  • Where a member of the team has been either suspected or confirmed to have contact with someone suffering from Coronavirus (COVID-19), they have been asked to notify the management team urgently so any impacted parties can be informed.
  • During school closures any impacted members of the team will be supported with arrangements to allow them to continue working whilst looking after their children.

Expected Impact

We hope that with the cautious approach adopted, we are minimising the exposure to risk as far as we are able. Should there be an impact on our ability to deliver services, impacted Customers will be informed as a priority.  At present there is no identifiable risk or impact other than the threat of the virus being contracted by a member of the team.


We continue to monitor the situation and will continue to take a protective approach towards the team.

Any impact on individual sites will be communicated directly as quickly as possible.


As per usual for any urgent support issues please raise a ticket via the ISL Customer portal or contact the Support Help Desk directly on 0121 380 1020. For general enquiries or product demonstrations please call 0121 380 1010.

We would like to wish everyone good health and please stay safe.

The ISL Team

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Sharon Williams has over 20 years’ experience of helping businesses successfully implement Sample Management Software and CRM systems. Appreciating that the software will deliver significant business change and improvements, Sharon guides businesses to help optimise these benefits. This includes advice on how to obtain user buy-in, evaluating and redefining existing business processes and how to gain a better understanding of their data to provide invaluable insight and inform business decisions.