Training Users in Lockdown
Feb 23

Training Users in Lockdown

How can I deliver training with interactive examples, effectively via a ‘live online’ format? It may seem daunting but being aware of the specific challenges this can present, and making some basic changes, you can make it work.

Be aware:

  • There will be more technical/IT challenges, especially if delegates are working from home
  • Delegate’s access to IT equipment and good internet connection will vary
  • Working from home will bring additional distractions and background noise
  • The training will take longer

How to adapt:

  • Look at the training structure; will the running order still work? Update it to run smoother
  • Practical examples – encourage delegates to wait until you have finished showing them. Break the example up into smaller chunks and check with all delegates before continuing.
  • Break the training up into manageable length sessions; 2hrs maximum works well
  • Include a recap at the start of each session
  • Film the session
  • Check in more regularly with delegates to ensure they are keeping up, especially with practical examples

Lastly, keep delegates informed of when the sessions are and what their content will be. This way delegates can choose how to balance their work responsibilities around the content they need to attend.

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