The Role of a Project Manager in a LIMS Implementation
Mar 11

The Role of a Project Manager in a LIMS Implementation

When considering a new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) it’s important to think about how you will implement the system as well as making sure it meets your requirements. When pulling together your project team don’t forget to include someone who will oversee the project – your Project Manager.

The role of the Project Manager (PM) within a LIMS implementation is much like that of the cox on a boat. You’re there to bring all the different team members together. Your aim is to make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction towards the same goal, to complete the project.

Therefore, the role of PM is key because…

  1. With any project, a key success factor often is that it runs both to time and is within budget. The PM will manage the team resource. So if the project requires any rescheduling or extra resource, they can deal with this appropriately raising it internally or with the supplier.
  2. The PM is responsible for project planning. Plans change all the time, but by having an overarching view of the project timeline as a whole the PM can update it as required. Individual team members may only have knowledge in their specific project area, so may not appreciate the knock on affects to the plan if they cannot complete a particular task within the timeframe.
  3. The PM acts as a central point for communication, both internally and with your supplier. This could be through regular project meetings or calls, a newsletter like update email or through regularly updated documents such as a Risk Log.

By ensuring that there is a person responsible for all of the above, rather than individual team members trying to juggle the responsibility alongside their day jobs you can expect an improved perception internally for your project. Your team will know they have a specific individual to deal with any resource, planning or budget issues. So they can focus on their specific piece of the puzzle. Ultimately, your project team are the talent, skills and experience or the “power” within the boat. The role of the PM is to steer that team, to get the project done.

About The Author

Chloë Lamb has over 7 years' experience in implementing Laboratory Information Management Systems and CRM solutions. Using her project management and planning skills Chloë is able to prepare and support customers before, during and after the software's implementation by clearly guiding customers through each project stage as well as helping them to manage change and project risk. Clear and regular communication is key to Chloë’s approach, both internally at Interactive Software Ltd and externally with customers and suppliers, which is essential to completing projects on time and within budget.