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We know it can be confusing, expensive and time-consuming finding the right software to support your business. We’ve put together some of the most common questions you ask to help you see what we do and how we do it. You can also find out if we’ve got the right solution for you. If you don’t see the answer to your question below please get in touch.

Achiever FAQs

Interactive Software Limited is the name of our company. Our software is called Achiever.

We have over 25 years’ experience successfully developing and implementing our CRM and laboratory sample management software in leading global pharmaceutical, Biobanks, research and higher education establishments.

You can find out even more about us on our Who We Are page.

Give us a call or use our contact us page to tell us about you.

We’ll then call you back to arrange a demonstration where we’ll show you what Achiever can do for you. You can then see if it gives you what you need.

We can also give you access to our online trial version to try out for a couple of weeks.

Achiever is available as both an on-premise and a hosted solution. It depends on your infrastructure and needs. Our prices for the hosted solution vary based on your data volumes. So get in touch to find out what’s right for you.

Get in touch to discuss deployment options and get the technical requirements for our on-premise version.

Yes the software can be changed.

What you change depends on what you want to do, your skills and what Achiever training you’ve completed. We designed the system so that your super users and not just IT team can make configuration changes. Achiever’s point-and-click tools allow you, amongst other things, to create or update users, data, system and process permissions, picklists, search grids, navigation, screens, automated email alerts, tables, fields and dashboards.

Find out more about our training packages.

First get in touch to see a product demo. We want you to be confident that the software is the best fit for what you need.

We’ll find out a bit more about what you’re looking for to give you the best options and deployment package:

  • Our ‘Achiever Essentials’ package will get up and running with Achiever within weeks including training and onsite go live support.
  • Our ‘Achiever Plus’ package gives you the best-of-both-worlds experience getting you up and running on the standard functionality while adding your own configuration changes and enhanced modules to fit the way you work.

We’ll send you a written quote so you can clearly see what’s included.

We can also put you in touch with existing customers so you can chat to them about their experiences.

If you decide that Achiever is the right software for you then simply choose your options and deployment package and we can get started.

Absolutely. You can also add in the enhanced modules at any time. There are some prerequisites for selected modules but if these are in place you’re good to go.

You can also configure the system at any time. And you can choose how you want to do this. If you want to make the changes we can train your team on the advanced system administration tools. Or you can just tell us what you want, and we can do it for you through our enhanced support package.

Many of our customers successfully use Achiever to help them meet their Data Protection, GDPR and Human Tissue Act (HTA) compliance audits.

Examples of the ways in which Achiever helps you to meet compliance include:

  • guiding you step-by-step through your processes to capture your data accurately and consistently
  • auditing your critical data and record updates
  • managing and restricting access to patient identifiable and confidential data

Download ‘Achiever Medical Your 5-Step Guide to Successful Laboratory Sample Management Compliance’ or visit our Insights and Blogs page for more information and our latest news on how Achiever supports regulatory compliance.

Yes, most of our customers have migrated some of their existing data sets into Achiever. We have a lot of experience of working with and managing data. We also offer several options. The options you can choose from depend on your data volumes, your experience and the condition of your data. And if you need to bring in data on a regular basis you can use our Data Import Module.

Check out our ‘How to Guide’ on ‘Achiever Medical – Implementing Sample Management Software Your 7-Step Guide to Data Migration’ for some useful tips on transferring data into a new system.

You can control a user’s access to Achiever software through Active Directory, LDAP and Identity Server.

The unique permissions and data encryption tools within Achiever only show restricted and confidential data to authorised users. You control the security permissions including managing your users and roles.

The software’s advanced data encryption tools encode sensitive information. This can be encrypting personal identifiable information such as Surname or the whole record. As a result you only see the decrypted data within the system if you have the appropriate permissions. Achiever’s security tools also help you to comply with GDPR and Data Protection requirements.

Yes, and over the years we have linked to many different applications, in many ways.  These systems include patient information systems, laboratory instruments, barcode labelling software, student management software, accounts and billing software, e-learning systems and online payment gateways.

Using Achiever’s enhanced restful API you can bring data in from other applications. The system also supports imports in a number of different formats including XML, JSON, HL7, Excel and CSV. You can also automate these regular data imports as well as export data from the system.

Prices and licenses for this module can vary depending on the system you are linking to, frequency and data volumes.

What’s more if you don’t need to hold the data in Achiever, you can use our enhanced Dashboards module to show data from different applications.

Yes, we have online portals available for customer and supplier access. Depending on the portal users can request biological samples, register on events or purchase training courses.

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Discover more about Achiever. Plus, hints and tips for managing software projects, working with and transferring your data and how software helps with compliance

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