Achiever CRM for Universities – your future-proof system that continues to deliver ROI
Oct 25
“This year we have seen over a 40% increase in prospectus requests! Thanks to Achiever CRM for Universities’ dashboards we can track year-on-year analysis and comparisons. And this information is directly informing our next marketing events and activities.” Leading UK University

Achiever CRM for Universities – your future-proof system that continues to deliver ROI

Does your CRM system tell you how well your marketing activities are doing this year compared to last year? And if you implemented your system some years ago, are you still getting benefits and return on your investment from it? Achiever CRM for Universities – and most notably its dashboards – is providing Universities with a wealth of previously untapped information. And with each passing year the system continues to increase its value. Thanks to workflows built into the system, you capture data in a structured and consistent manner. All of which make it easier for you to query. Plus, the software’s unique configuration tools allow you to make changes to the system, so it stays relevant and you can adapt as you learn more.

Supporting you every step on the student journey

Achiever CRM for Universities captures detailed prospective student data at each step in the student journey. And integrates with student information management systems for a complete picture from initial enquiry through to enrolment.

The software’s extensive enquiry management functionality tracks all incoming communication and handles any prospectus requests.

Achiever CRM for Universities’ enhanced event and open day management capability enables your digital marketing, event management and schools liaison teams to structure and conduct their activities. The software allows prospective students and teachers to register for events via its online event booking forms.

Being able to report across your enquiry and events data over one year can tell you a lot.  And you will no doubt adjust and tailor what you do the following year based on that information.

But the real story unfolds when you start to compare your data across several years!

Removing the guesswork and see what’s really happening

The data that you consistently record in the system when viewed year on year can highlight some surprising new trends. Plus, it can also confirm what you always suspected.

What could you change in your marketing and communications if you had the answers to questions like?

  • Do you really know how long the student journey is – 12 months, 18 months or even longer?
  • When do prospective students start thinking about University – Year 9, 10, 12?
  • Is there a point where prospective students become disengaged and fall off the radar?
  • Are there any seasonal trends?
Achiever CRM for Universities - Prospectus Dashboard

Achiever CRM for Universities – Prospectus Dashboard

And importantly it protects your sensitive, personal data

Achiever CRM for Universities also supports ‘at rest’ data encryption. This helps protect the sensitive, personal data you capture on prospective students from unauthorised internal and external access. And with recent news articles on data security breaches in high-profile UK Universities, data encryption and security capabilities are becoming paramount. Read more about how Achiever CRM for Universities protects your data and how it can offer increased protection using its unique rules-based security functionality.

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