Discover why our customers say Achiever Medical is the ‘Gold Standard in Tissue Banking Software’
Nov 13

Discover why our customers say Achiever Medical is the ‘Gold Standard in Tissue Banking Software’

We’re pleased to be attending the 5th Annual UK Biobanking Showcase on 19th November in Nottingham. It’s the main event for anyone working in the Biobanking and human tissue sector.

We’re excited to be showcasing the latest version of our Achiever lab and sample management software. We know what it can do because our customers have told us. They said it’s

‘”the most comprehensive, complete sample management software we’ve seen.”

And also told us it

makes it easier for us to operate our Biobank.”

And it’s ahead of the curve as

“you see what Achiever can do and you’re already 2 steps ahead of where you wanted to be.”

Now we can’t wait to show you how it can transform your lab and Biobank at the UK Biobanking Showcase next week.

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Still undecided? Here’s just a taste of what Achiever gives you …

Best-practice built-in

Achiever Medical is not just tissue banking software. It’s a laboratory information management system designed, and proven, to instil good research practice and protocols in labs, Biobanks and biorepositories. Plus, it also comes ‘pre-built’ with the essential workflows, security options, auditing and reporting dashboards you need to get you up-and-running quickly. And if they’re not quite what you need, you can configure them to meet your specific requirements.

Different teams with different data and process requirements?

If your teams have very diverse data and process requirements – don’t worry! Achiever Medical’s unique permissions and entities system allows you to define what you need to keep everyone happy. We’ve got experience of rolling out the software to sites with more than 39 teams.

And you still have all your data in one centralised system.

Talking about data …

One of the biggest challenges labs and Biobanks face is around data quality. Everything hinges on it. Achiever Medical has in-built validation and auditing tools to help improve your data quality and integrity. As a result, your overall quality also improves; giving you confidence in your results.

And if you’re thinking about where you even begin to sort out your data, check out our free ‘7-step guide to data migration’. You’ll find some useful hints and tips around data management and quality.

Finally, if you want to promote your Biobank or tissue bank to external researchers, Achiever Medical LIMS software automatically uploads your latest sample holdings data to the UKCRC Tissue Directory. This increases your Biobank’s profile while saving your time, money and resources.

Designing tomorrow’s solution…today

Worried about what you might need next year – or even further in the future? Achiever Medical’s unique configuration capabilities allow it to continue to meet requirements you’re not even aware of today! Plus, we’ve also created a range of modules that you can plug in anytime to extend your system. Just ask our customers who continue to use and evolve their Achiever system more than 10 years after their initial go-live. It’s as up-to-date now as it was when first installed.

Worried it might be expensive, difficult or time-consuming to implement?

We’ve got different options and implementation packages available – and there’s a lot ‘out-of-the-box’! Be clear about what you need, the challenges you want to solve and the return on investment (ROI) you’re after. It could actually be costing you more to do nothing!

So, come along and see us at Conference #1 Table 6 and we’ll show you where we can help your lab and Biobank.

About The Author

Sharon Williams has over 20 years’ experience of helping businesses successfully implement Sample Management Software and CRM systems. Appreciating that the software will deliver significant business change and improvements, Sharon guides businesses to help optimise these benefits. This includes advice on how to obtain user buy-in, evaluating and redefining existing business processes and how to gain a better understanding of their data to provide invaluable insight and inform business decisions.