Why Searching Matters – How Achiever Medical LIMS Does It
Jul 13

Why Searching Matters – How Achiever Medical LIMS Does It

No way to search using the information you have available? Constrained by search logic or unsure what the logic is? Have to search again to find related records?

Not only are the above annoying and time consuming, but risk duplication with the wrong records being updated, misreporting, loss of data integrity and an admin overhead.

Achiever Medical LIMS provides a flexible and reliable search mechanism, designed to avoid the above.

  • Standard search grids and tickers provide pre-filtered, focussed starting points
  • Search bars give you control over the search logic and conditions available
  • Default search values and standardised search lists, avoid unnecessary typing and ensure you use the values that were used on data entry
  • Display columns with filters provide additional layers of searching
  • A key word search can be enabled
  • A Query builder where bespoke queries can be built, including the ability to search for null values
  • Achiever Medical LIMS supervisors can be shown how to evolve the searching provided, to match business processes
  • Fundamental record result grids display a preview, where you access commonly used functions
  • Results grids contain links to open the record being looked for, alongside links to related records
  • Records themselves have drill-thrus and further search grids to provide access to related records.

And if all else fails, a merge tool allows duplicate records to be resolved…but prevention is better than cure.

Achiever Software Sample Search Screen

Achiever Medical LIMS Sample Search Screen



About The Author

Ann-Marie Lee has over 20 years’ experience using and implementing laboratory systems including practical laboratory processes, liquid handling technology, forensic interpretative solutions and LIMS, both in the UK and overseas. For the last 6 years Ann-Marie has specialised in Sample Management Software with an emphasis on testing and training. Ann-Marie works in partnership with clients and draws on her experience to test new customer and product features and to train customers to get the most out of their system. With an attention to detail and quality, an understanding of customer’s business processes and a deep belief in the importance of staff training and development, Ann-Marie embraces the challenges of working with a wide variety of customers and learning something new every day! Ann-Marie always focuses on delivering user intuitive, reliable functionality with data integrity at its heart as well as continuously striving to deliver relevant, engaging and thorough training to suit a customer’s requirements.