Sep 08

Turn your data into insight quickly and easily with Achiever Medical LIMS analytics and data visualisation

Turn your data into insight quickly and easily with Achiever Medical LIMS analytics and data visualisation

Most laboratory information management systems (LIMS) give you some method for querying your data. Some advanced solutions provide data visualisation tools so you can display your data using graphics and gauges. While others simply allow you to run a query across your data set to return a list of matching records. Knowing how a LIMS delivers analytics does make a difference and makes an impact in terms of costs, time, resource and security. In Achiever Medical LIMS you can create real-time analytics and dashboards without IT involvement.

Achiever Medical LIMS includes a library of integrated, real-time, interactive dashboards and an easy to use query builder to generate lists. It also supports 3rd party reporting tools such as Power BI and Crystal Reports. Arming you with a wealth of valuable insight from checking your lab’s performance to tracking productivity and monitoring compliance. Giving you that all important evidence for audits as well as underpinning your lab’s digital transformation.

You can create analytics whenever you need them – without IT support

What’s more, its integrated dashboards and queries automatically invoke any data security restrictions so only authorised users can access it. Also, you build Achiever Medical LIMS dashboards using its query builder. All this means you don’t have to write code, work out complex database relationships or know the underlying database column names.

Unlike many LIMS, Achiever Medical uses an industry standard dashboard builder that don’t require you to learn some new language or purchase separate 3rd party licenses. As a result, it helps make it quicker and easier for you to create reports without additional resource expenses.

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Watch our video to find out more about how Achiever Medical LIMS analytics tools work and how quickly you can start your lab data working for you. If you want to know more get in touch to arrange a no obligation online demo. 

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John Nicholls has over 19 years’ business analysis and systems development experience. He has worked with several large and small-scale organisations in the Medical Science, Education and the Manufacturing sectors. John has implemented a wide range of corporate systems, specifically in UK Universities and latterly Laboratory Sample Management software using the Achiever product range. John enjoys working with customers to optimise processes and help them seek additional value from their systems. Working in partnership with customers to deliver solutions to ever changing markets gives insights into common themes that can help other customers often in very different fields. This allows John to input back into the suite of products to ensure they are market ready and can easily be adapted to changing and evolving requirements.